Saturday, May 12, 2012

Almost Done!

I'm quickly approaching the finish line (for editing anyway) on KILLING MEMORIES. About 35 pages left (plus a re-read of chapter one, which changed quite a bit from the first draft). I'm excited that it's almost done, but I still have a few things that I'm kind of worried about.

1. The cover.
2. The title.

Writer's Digest just did an excellent article on e-book publishing (their June issue). I was hoping for a detailed paragraph regarding cover do's and don'ts, but they basically say "hire someone." Well, I don't make enough money to hire anyone, so I'm sure my covers will be less than exciting, whatever I decide to do. While I do like the image of the little man with flowers between the woman's legs, I still want to books to have similar look. But, I don't want to be boring either. So, yes... this process is going to take more thought and consideration than I hoped it would.

And on a scarier conundrum... I'm not really sure that the title really fits the first book (or the other books for that matter). I've read the first three books and I'm almost done with Hostile Kisses. And if I'm really honest with myself, the titles (except for Hostile Kisses) don't really work. They're catchy in that I can call it the KM series and readers from FictionPress know them as that, but.... I don't know if I can come up with something else. This is something that  I really need to focus on in the next few weeks.

If all goes well, I think I may be able to have the ebook ready by June 1.

Fingers crossed! 


  1. Congratulations on almost finishing. Maybe you could do a blog post about what book covers you like (as an artist model) and your readers might be able to help. Dunno. Just a thought. I would help you since I'm a graphic designer but I don't have the software until sometime in June.

    If you design a cover I'd be happy to critique it.

  2. Hi Oni! I've posted a few different covers that have jumped out at me (scroll through my blog, I think they're like 2-3 posts down). I've been looking for images on royalty-free websites (I'd have to pay for the image), but nothing's really jumping out at me. It's hard to line up a cover with a book. I don't envy that job! I think I'll do another search and then I'll post a few more ideas on the blog. I need to make a decision! :) And I'll take any help I can get!