Thursday, October 18, 2012

I cant believe it's October

This is me, lost and waiting for the muse to strike again.
So... this month isn't really any better than last month in terms of editing. I've been given more responsibilities at work, which asks for a little overtime. So, my editing time is cut... for now. I worry that I'm falling into a slump. A block. The last block kept me from really producing for several years. I don't really think I'm at that point yet, but I'm definitely cloudy right now. So, not a good progress report for those waiting for KM3. I'm still not even halfway through.

I think part of this slump is because I'm stressed out. They're giving me more responsibility at work, but at the same time I'm losing my job sometime in February (contract wasn't renewed). It's stressful having to look for a new job, and to not know where I want to live (ie, stay in Maryland, move to Boston?) I've never been good dealing with uncertainty.

You'd think I'd fall back into something comforting like writing, but that hasn't happened. I'm still thinking a lot about the trilogy that I started, THE SPIRIT KEEPER. It's strange, I almost want to write book III more than book II, but then I've never written out of order like that. I know that I should take a break and do something else, but I don't even want to write at the moment.

I need to get excited about my KM and writing and editing again. I need a spark of something... I'm not sure what.

This funk needs to pass.