Saturday, August 31, 2013

Writing, Writing, Writing

I spent several hours last night and most of today writing AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. I'm on page 83. It feels good to write again. Although sometimes it's a little difficult. Some scenes come to me easily and others are a bit of a struggle to write. It takes a lot to keep from going back and re-reading/editing what I've done so far. I'm a strong believer in the first draft being written from the heart; then you go back and edit with your brain. Right now, I get the sense that it feels a little patchy in places. I'll need to go back in on draft two and smooth some things out. For now, things are going well. I have a feeling that it'll be a long weekend of writing, which is good. I've had a difficult week at work and I need to give my brain a break from that kind of thing. I need to reboot and writing is very therapeutic and peaceful for me. I feel like I could probably write for several more hours tonight, but my eyes are starting to hurt from staring at the computer screen for so long. Plus, I'm at a good stopping point. A place where I'll be able to pick it up easily--I hope.

I hope everyone's enjoying HOSTILE KISSES! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hostile Kisses is Available!

HOSTILE KISSES will be available on Smashwords in a few hours.

In 12 hours or so it'll be on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Project!!

Now that HOSTILE KISSES is finished (still waiting on the last 30 pages), I decided to start writing a new novel. I need to take a break from the editing. So, the working title of this new novel is: AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. I'm not "in love" with this title, so consider it a place holder and what I'll use when I talk about it. Hopefully something better will come along.

So far, and this could change, it's about the following things:
  • A reality dating show (aka: Around the World Tonight).
  • A beautiful genius who's been talked into being a nanny.
  • World travel to exotic locations.
  • A carpenter just looking for direction.
  • A choice to be vulnerable or to continue hiding.
I have a half-complete outline to guide me along. While outlining is part of my process, it's definitely not a strict road map to the novel. Things change all the time. Characters that weren't planned pop up and change things. So, we'll see what happens here. In the past, I've been able to finish the first draft of a novel in a few months. I hope it's the same with this one. I'm 20 pages in so far and struggling just a little bit (I can't decide if I like the third person past tense, especially after working with first person present tense for the last few months). I'm happy with the prologue, but the opening chapter feels clunky. I'm trying to just push through all this and fix it in the editing stage, but I haven't hit a real groove of the story yet. I probably need to go on and introduce this sexy carpenter. Maybe he'll get the creative juices flowing.

Anyway, it could be a while yet before this one is available. Depending on when I finish the first draft, I may start editing A STARTER BOYFRIEND. However, if I'm not done until November, editing will have to wait (I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year). I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going--for now take a look at my new project status bar in the margin!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hostile Kisses: Summary

Daisy Harper is through with Adam Hood. They are officially broken up, which means no more funny business. She’s doing a great job of ignoring him—or so she convinces herself.

But all it takes to bring her reserves crashing down is one little question: May I kiss you?

When warned by her best friend not to sleep with him on the eve of a blood-red sun, Daisy fully intends to heed this advice. But when it comes to Adam, she’s never had much self control. One kiss is all it takes for them both to come undone.  

Sexy, demanding, and passionate, Adam wants her desperately. She feels the same for him, but can’t bring herself to say the three little words he wants to hear. Because of this, he’s the one to call it quits, and this time he’s not playing around.

Daisy knows she belongs with Adam. She can blame losing him on the omen of the blood-red sun all she wants, but the truth is that she’s clutched in fear that the past will certainly repeat itself if she says “I love you.” Three words that she desperately wants to say.

* * *

Feedback is welcome! I've finished my edits of the novel and sent the last thirty pages to my sister to proof read. So, I can definitely say that Hostile Kisses will be available this month (hopefully within a week).