Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Project!!

Now that HOSTILE KISSES is finished (still waiting on the last 30 pages), I decided to start writing a new novel. I need to take a break from the editing. So, the working title of this new novel is: AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. I'm not "in love" with this title, so consider it a place holder and what I'll use when I talk about it. Hopefully something better will come along.

So far, and this could change, it's about the following things:
  • A reality dating show (aka: Around the World Tonight).
  • A beautiful genius who's been talked into being a nanny.
  • World travel to exotic locations.
  • A carpenter just looking for direction.
  • A choice to be vulnerable or to continue hiding.
I have a half-complete outline to guide me along. While outlining is part of my process, it's definitely not a strict road map to the novel. Things change all the time. Characters that weren't planned pop up and change things. So, we'll see what happens here. In the past, I've been able to finish the first draft of a novel in a few months. I hope it's the same with this one. I'm 20 pages in so far and struggling just a little bit (I can't decide if I like the third person past tense, especially after working with first person present tense for the last few months). I'm happy with the prologue, but the opening chapter feels clunky. I'm trying to just push through all this and fix it in the editing stage, but I haven't hit a real groove of the story yet. I probably need to go on and introduce this sexy carpenter. Maybe he'll get the creative juices flowing.

Anyway, it could be a while yet before this one is available. Depending on when I finish the first draft, I may start editing A STARTER BOYFRIEND. However, if I'm not done until November, editing will have to wait (I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year). I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going--for now take a look at my new project status bar in the margin!


  1. This sounds interesting. Funnily enough I was toying around with the idea of a nanny in my next story (for nano).

    Now, maybe I've missed it but I don't think I've ever read a story by you where the main character was described as beautiful.

    I know there are other points, the fact that she's a genius and I'm guessing a semi-reluctant nanny which is interested in and of itself because why was she talked into being a nanny?

    Does she actually use her genius as part of her regular job or is she more of the hermit type of genius where no one knows that she's a genius?

    But I'm really interested to see how this character turns out since you always write characters who think they're not attractive (or atleast they wouldn't say beautiful) but it's not in that 'you don't know you're beautiful way' as much as, I used to be fat and while I've lost the weight I'm still insecure or the my best friend is a supermodel while I'm biracial and feel a bit out of place. and the people around them aren't like 'ohemgee, you're actually super gorgeous!' unless it's her aunt/best friend in which case, that's alright.

    (that was such a horrible run on sentence, I'm sorry, I still don't know how to fix it so it's not that bad.)

    BUT, on topic, I would love to see you handle someone who might have conflicting issues. Like being a genius and attractive. I have a friend who was in biochem and other hard sciences and people would be like 'you're in but you're so pretty! is your boyfriend taking it?'

    Or how you handle it if she's unaware of it. Because I think that's so hard to do because then it can feel fake and like 'ugh... no way you don't know you're pretty' and turn someone off of a character.

    If you're writing this now then what are you going to do for nano? Do you already have your nano story all set up?

    AND last but not least, and this is totally off topic, how do you shake writer's block? I don't know if you get it but I've been trying to get over this stupid hump since like January and nothing is happening. I've tried reading some of my favourite stories over and I've been inspired but when I try to actually write I can't. It's getting to the point where it feels physically painful and when I tried to force myself to write words I almost tossed my laptop.

    I feel like this comment was all over the place and I'm going to apologize for that now but I want to send this while I still have time since I've been swamped lately and haven't been able to comment on anything of late.

    (and keep up the awesome work with the running lady!)

  2. You're so right about the "beautiful" thing... I don't really know if her looks will come into play at all in the novel. I suppose it could, but I see her as being so smart that she has a hard time relating to others her age (or other people in general). She's 28 and hasn't really experienced "normal girl" things. I think that's more what it's about... people telling her to try to be normal. I don't think I gave it much though in identifying her as "beautiful" in the description. But you're very intuned to that (you've commented on it in The Spirit Keeper) I think. Or at some point... So, yeah... I don't think her looks will really play into it too much, but then I've only written 20 pages :)

    My goal is to write this novel until Nano starts (and hopefully finish it), and then start something new for Nano. For Nano I was thinking of writing something not in the YA, contemp. romance, or romantic comedy genres. I was thinking something more literary... which I will probably fail at because I'm not really sure what "literary" really means to me. So, Nano will be something different. Heck, maybe it'll be another Moo and Es book. Who knows.

    Writer's block. I consider that a time when you may be writing, but you're definitely not enjoying it. I feel like I had that from about 2009 to 2011ish. I basically had just finished all the KM books was bored in my job and decided to apply for MFA programs. I swear, the moment I mailed my applications out, I stopped writing. It was like I had performance anxiety before I was even accepted. For the next few years I felt blocked... I was writing, because I had to for class, but I wasn't really in love with anything. The broke when I graduated and wrote the first draft of my YA novel.

    Maybe it's just sitting with it for an hour or so each day and just writing gibberish... what do they call that... flow of consciousness? I think? Maybe there's other stuff/stresses going on in your life where you can't focus on writing? I can't remember if you outline or not as part of your pre-writing process or if you just sit down and go and let the writing take you where it does. Maybe if you're that "free spirit" type, try outlining something--a chapter even. Maybe it'll give you direction? As you see, there are a lot of "maybes" in my probably less than helpful thoughts on breaking through writer's block. MAYBE (haha) you need to do something else artistic--paint something, color in a coloring book... ? I don't know... I hope it comes back to you. But in the meantime it's probably good to keep reading.

    (And thanks about the running!! yesterday I did 30 minutes at a higher speed than I have been. My goal for now is to keep doing it every other day and then hopefully every day.)

    1. I use to just be random ideas on scraps of paper or in a notebook then I started outlining in all seriousness and while I like that when the words are flowing and I can bring the barebone ideas to life, lately it's just been like 'you've already written everything good, why bother' but then when I try to freeform I have absolutely nothing.

      [ I consider that a time when you may be writing, but you're definitely not enjoying it.]
      This. I always say my block started after I finally finished my novel but honestly it's been going on longer than that, but since I was able to write a bit I just thought I was being overly critical/moody.

      I'm not sure what it is that triggered it. I think I had the opposite problem then you, where when I was in school I was able to write fine, but during the last few months of school until now writing just got really difficult.

      I did pain a mural on the wall at my place when I was away for school but I don't know, I don't even have that urge. I think maybe the fact that I have become more of an outliner has become an issue. I used to be one of those people who wrote once my characters were created and I had one specific scene in my head that I was aiming for and that's about it and now I outline the story pretty much chapter by chapter, but I can't actually write things out once I'm done.

      I just don't want to stay blocked because the last time I had such a large gap between writing I could see the decline in my writing and it sucked so much since I felt I had come so far.

      I think tomorrow/today I'll try the flow of consciousness. Or do a brainstorm or something and see how far that gets me.

      Thanks for the advice though, it's always interesting to get someone else's view on writer's block, especially when it's not the 'writer's block doesn't exist, if you want to write just write' sort of mentality. I mean, I guess it's valid for some people, but if I'm not enjoying it just doesn't feel like it's worth it.

      That's really awesome that you've managed to maintain running for so long and you're seeing a visible improvement.

    2. Running is still really difficult... I'm just hoping that it'll get even easier with time (and a lower weight!).

      Did you try the flow of consciousness yet? Maybe the next time you get excited about an idea, or if you keep thinking about some scene or some character, just start writing. Don't outline. It sounds like you need to switch things up and do the opposite. Sometimes when I have a story idea stuck in my head, I write it down and then it and the excitement I feel about it goes away. I don't think about it anymore. So, I guess outlining could have a negative effect on creativity too.

      I hope you find it again!

  3. Hi Tanya. I am so looking forward to HK. I have re-read the KM series twice and never get tired of them. It would be great if you can write another KM book, but I can understand that you need time to gather your plans lol. I really think they could make a good TV mini series out of your books, you are a brilliant writer.

    Keep up the wonderful writing you do.

    PS if you get this comment twice, I apologise, my laptop decided to go 'blippity' on me. lol

    1. Hi Jill! Thank you for your note. I'm glad you haven't gotten tired of Es and Moo! Thank you for reading (and re-reading) ;) Hopefully the books that come next from me will hold your interest just as much as the KM series. I do need a general idea for the next KM book and it hasn't really come to me. I'm pretty sure it would be about Es and Caleb starting a family, but something crazy's gotta happen too and I haven't thought of that part yet.

      Thanks again, I enjoy hearing from you!

      (and I only got your message once... ha ha)