Sunday, November 27, 2011

66 Pages

I'm still plugging away on this novel and I've started the synopsis, which is going to be a HUGE undertaking. It's difficult to tell a 500 page story to 3-5 pages, but I think I've got a good outline to start with. I'm looking forward to coming to the end of this edit. I'm even more excited to start writing new stuff again. I could probably edit and write at the same time if I just reorganized my brain so that I focus on a few hours of editing and a few hours of writing. Maybe one day. What I really need to do is read more--I don't read enough.

In other news, I saw "The Muppets" yesterday. I am a huge Muppet fan, so I really enjoyed the movie (there were 1-2 things that I didn't like). If you're a fan, I recommend it highly.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

144 Pages To Go

So, I'm nearing the finish line, yet again. I have 144 pages left to edit. I've stopped reading a loud at time point, mostly because it's easier and I get more done when I don't sit in a quite room and listen to myself talk. I still think I need to print out the whole thing and do one more edit, but I'm going to try to hold back on that for now. And when all is said and done--I haven't cut much more out of this draft. Mostly I take things out and put them back, hopefully in a better way. My focus is about to shift to the synopsis/summary. I'll only be sending the first 5 pages and 1-2 pages of synopsis to the agents--so both of these samples need to kick ass.

I feel a sense of desperation. I worry that just around the corner some novel is going to come out that mirrors mine--and then suddenly I'm not so original. I freaked out a little bit after looking at the new releases at B&N where I found a book called SPACE IN BETWEEN. The plot is nothing like my novel, but the main character is the daughter of Lilith and the Devil, which is somewhat similar to one of my characters. Curses!! I'm going to try not to worry about it because (1) I'm pretty sure my plot is original and out there and (2) if I fail at finding an agent for this book there's always the online e-book market to try.... What I'm most desperate for is to hold my own novel. There's something about holding a big thick book and feeling impressed with how much the author wrote (from a writer's POV). I want that for myself. The e-book craze scares me a little. Library's are starting to offer e-books. I'm a little appauled by this, but I suppose it makes sense considering most libraries carry multiple forms of mass media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) Still... e-books in a library? Soon we'll have e-libraries. I feel like this craze is a few years from murdering my ultimate dream.

I just finished NAME OF THE STAR, which is a story that takes place in London (modern time) where someone has been killing people a la Jack the Ripper. It was a good read with an interesting paranormal twist. I recommend it, but THIS DARK ENDEAVOR was still off the charts good.

In more personal news: I started working out. One step toward self revolution, in a way. The only downside is that I'm starving all the time now. It's been two weeks, shouldn't some of that have gone away by now? Ugh. It's just frustrating because it feels counterproductive. We'll see--maybe it will get better soon. Maybe I just need bigger meals during the day.

Current editing goals: Finish up this last edit by the end of this month. Have a solid synopsis drafted by Christmas. Complete the query letter by the end of this year. January = submission time!!