Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have a feeling that the beginning of this year is going to be a little chaotic for me, but I have three main writing goals for this year:

1) Finish and publish KM6
2) Edit and publish A STARTER BOYFRIEND
3) Write/finish writing another project (either my novella, ARABELLE WILD; or my novel, AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT; OR my unfinished novel THE JADE BRACELET).

So many choices.

Things with KM6 are going slow at the moment. I've hit a patch of storyline that I don't really like. I'm leaving it in at the moment, but it will likely come out with editing. I thought I knew where I wanted this book (and any future ones) to go, but I'm really not sure anymore. That's probably because I haven't been writing (even though I'm currently on vacation!). Anyway, at this point I can't confidently say when KM6 will be available to read. Hopefully before Christmas 2014!

Anyway, cheers to all of our goals for this coming year.