Friday, August 16, 2013

Hostile Kisses: Summary

Daisy Harper is through with Adam Hood. They are officially broken up, which means no more funny business. She’s doing a great job of ignoring him—or so she convinces herself.

But all it takes to bring her reserves crashing down is one little question: May I kiss you?

When warned by her best friend not to sleep with him on the eve of a blood-red sun, Daisy fully intends to heed this advice. But when it comes to Adam, she’s never had much self control. One kiss is all it takes for them both to come undone.  

Sexy, demanding, and passionate, Adam wants her desperately. She feels the same for him, but can’t bring herself to say the three little words he wants to hear. Because of this, he’s the one to call it quits, and this time he’s not playing around.

Daisy knows she belongs with Adam. She can blame losing him on the omen of the blood-red sun all she wants, but the truth is that she’s clutched in fear that the past will certainly repeat itself if she says “I love you.” Three words that she desperately wants to say.

* * *

Feedback is welcome! I've finished my edits of the novel and sent the last thirty pages to my sister to proof read. So, I can definitely say that Hostile Kisses will be available this month (hopefully within a week).


  1. The last paragraph doesn't flow as well as the rest of the summary. But it's great. Best one so far. :)

  2. Thanks Sammy!!! It's so funny, I spent the most time on that last paragraph trying to make it "flow." I probably re-wrote it like five times before posting it. I think I'm getting better at summaries. I hope so anyway :)