Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Prepublishing Checklist

So, I have declared June 1st as the day I release KILLING MEMORIES to the world (said in a super hero voice). I kind of regret that... just a little because while going back to review the first chapter (one of two that changed considerably) I found a lot of little mistakes, which forced me to press on. I'm now about halfway through the second edit, which I have about 8 days to finish along with a few other things on my list:
  1. Purchase the cover photo (I have made a decision)
  2. Writing up a blurb/summary (this is proving to be difficult)
  3. Develop an Amazon account (as well as Smashwords)
  4. Design the cover (I'm doing it myself this time)
Plus my parents are coming to visit at the end of the month, which will take up some of this prep time. So, there's a little update for ya. Keep your fingers crossed that I can uphold my June 1st release. I want to be known as the reliable writer.


  1. Honestly, I think you've been doing pretty amazing when it comes to the goals/deadlines you set for yourself and I think you'll most likely make this one as well.

    If you're still having trouble I say post on here and get some opinions, not sure how much that would help but at least you can get a general idea of whether or not it'll be helpful.

    Are you going to add anything to your goodreads account?

  2. Oh yes! I forgot about my goodreads account. I'll definitely need to update that once I've posted the book. I'm glad I have a long weekend... my plan is to head over to Barnes and Noble and work until my computer battery dies then come home and work some more. I have about 150 pages to read. I think I can make the deadline considering I still have another week to go.

    I'm like two episodes behind on Supernatural--I hope to catch up on those this weekend too. :)

    1. Oh, and I think I'm going to post the first 2-3 chapters on Fictionpress... or here (as a sample) and hopefully I'll get a little more feedback. At this point I feel like anything people will tell me are about typos. I'm trying really hard to find them all, but I'll likely miss a few.

  3. Definitely post a few chapters on here even if it's just to see if you missed any typos. It's also probably a good way to let people who don't read the blog know that you're going to be selling the story.

    Supernatural was actually quite good, especially the end of the season finale. I wasn't sure they'd pull it off but they did.

    1. I'm excited to watch Supernatural. I'll let you know when I've caught up. So... I think I just designed the cover... but it took like 10 minutes so now I'm worried that it's crap. I might email it to you for a few thoughts?

    2. Okay, I actually just posted it (with the links up top) with a little blurb. Let me know what you think.