Saturday, May 26, 2012

Checklist update

Wow, it's only Saturday and I've gotten so much done:
  1. Designed a cover. (I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but it's definitely growing on me, especially for what I have to work with regarding my designing skills and software programs. This should work for now and if the book explodes maybe then I can hire someone.) Check it out above.
  2. Wrote a blurb. (Thank god I saved what I had originally posted on FictionPress... I ended up tweaking that a little bit and I think it works--of course suggestions are always welcome).
What still needs to be done:
  1. Finish editing (about 127 pages left, doable in 6 days I think--hopefully in the next two if I can keep pushing on).
  2. Figure out how to start up Amazon and Smashwords accounts.
  3. Format the book for Amazon (this I feel is going to be tedious).
  4. Figure out what Smashwords will need (and if it'll distribute to a variety
Okay, let me get back to it.


  1. The cover looks great! I doubt it'll explode ^_^. The typography is perhaps clunky, but to be honest, I like that you kept it simple opposed to some who put strokes around / use illegible / obvious MS Default typefaces. Kudos!

    1. Hi Oni!

      If you feel like it, check out the new covers I uploaded (with two different fonts). Do you think they're better?

  2. I kinda felt the same about the font... I didn't have a lot of options for fonts (using Microsoft Publisher 2007, hahaha, probably one of the default ones). I could always download something, I suppose. If you have any suggestions let me know. Or good places to go look at different fonts. :)