Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still Editing

My progress on KILLING MEMORIES is pretty steady. I'm pretty sure I've increased it by a few pages (not to bad, actually) and I'm more than halfway through. I'm probably not going to finish it by May 1st, perhaps by June 1st. I can promise within the next three months. Can someone say Summer Blockbuster!?!? (haha, totally joking... well, just a little bit)

How cute/perfect is this option for "Hostile Kisses"?

Whenever I edit I worry that I'm taking out too much of Estela's quirkiness, and then I read something (I'm currently re-reading KM3: KILLING MOMZILLAS) and laugh out loud at how dumb she is. I'm glad that I can make myself laugh. That's gotta say something. One thing that I noticed about Estela that I may fix (especially in KM3)... she's kind of a cry baby. LOL. I mean it's been over four years since I wrote these books... maybe I was a cry baby back then. I probably won't alter her sensitivity and insecurities too much (maybe just cut 1-2 scenes), but I will edit so that she grows as a character and gains some confidence. I'm about 60 pages from the end of book III, so we'll see if I accomplished character growth with the first draft.

In other news. I mentioned that I was reading A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES in my last post. Well, I finished it and I really did love it. The writer is a historian so the book is STUFFED with history. I like history, but to be honest most of the time it goes in one ear and out the other. What I appreciate about this book is how much "fact" (about witches/demons/vampires mixed in with actual human history) she weaves in. It brings a sense of authority to the writing. Deborah Harkness knows what the heck she's talking about. The book has ebbs and flows, meaning that it goes in and out of the plot line. Sometimes we're just living in the moment with Diana (witch) and Matthew (vampire) and other times there are moments where the characters are like "but we really should focus on that manuscript that everyone wants!" I don't know that this is a bad thing. I'd have to read the novel again to see if the "ebbing" moments enhanced the story at all. Not that it matters really. The next book in the trilogy is SHADOW OF NIGHT (due July 2012). I'm excited for it.


  1. Honestly, when you decide it's time to edit something you just put in work don't you? lol, that's great that you're already halfway through.

    And it's always good if you can still laugh at the funny parts in your stories, especially the older ones because your taste has changed and if it's still funny now then it's probably a solid piece to keep. I don't remember the third book all that much to be honest, but if you feel she needs to be stronger than go for it, I think as the author you have a good idea of what works and what doesn't based on your growth.

    And that is a cute cover option.

    And for A Discovery of Witches I'll add it to my to be read pile since I like slice of life stories and action stories so throw in the fact that it has a historical basis I think it'll be an interesting read.

    Also, supernatural have you seen the latest epi?

  2. Oh yes. I don't do anything else but work until it's "finished" when I decide it's time to edit. I really wish I could prioritize, but my mind is super honed in. I did just print out my outline and the first few pages of Book II (Spirit Keeper) just to prepare myself. I've decided that after I've edited KM1 and posted it online I'm going to write the first draft of book II. After that maybe I'll edit Killing Models (which totally needs a new title, I think).

    The third book is basically about Estela planning Moo's wedding and a bunch of shenanigans with Moo's mother (and Estela's mother). It's also, I'm finding, about priorities (where Es puts Caleb in her life, etc.)

    You'll have to let me know whenever (and if ever) you get around to reading A Discovery of Witches. I'm about to watch the newest Supernatural right now!!!!

  3. Just finished the episode. It was a good one and I'm glad they can see him, but I kinda feel like Dean. What's next... and is Bobby gonna fall apart like those other ghosts?

  4. Yeah, I agree, I don't think him coming back is going to end well at all.

    What I find interesting is that they can give Bobby a 'real' hunter's burial if they burn the flask but I don't think they're at that point to lose him again.

    And I think it'll take a few years before he starts to fall apart if he does since he's still a young ghost. It was just creepy to see that even ghosts start to 'die' after a while.

    And for Killing Momzillas, yeah, there should probably be growth, even if she's a bit of a crybaby she shouldn't be more of one then then she was in the first book because then it could feel as if her character is regressing.

  5. They never really explained why the flask is the link, did they? Is it because Bobby had it all the time and his skin cells are now in the leather (gross). Good point about him being a younger ghost. I would hate to watch him fall apart. I still want to know where this is all going. That was the good thing about the vessel storyline--it had a pretty clear ending. Oh well, I'll just enjoy the ride.

    In KM3 I find that she seems to cry a lot. So, yeah growth is definitely important. I just have to pay attention to how she deals with things and make sure that she's not regressing.

  6. I think the pic is cute. But the adam character needs to be dressed in some Navy/SWAT uniform and maybe Daisy could be a bit more gothic and temperemental looking?


  7. Sammy! Hello! :)

    No need to apologize! lol. It's SO hard to find good pictures that really show off the entire novel, but you're totally right that a military/gothic would be perfect for Hostile Kisses (I'm currently rereading it now). I need to find another website that provides royalty free pictures. I'm less than 100 pages to go on Killing Memories, so now's the time to really start looking.

  8. He doesn't have blue eyes.

  9. No, he has green eyes... another detail that I'll have trouble finding. Still this picture is the best I've found for Hostile Kisses.