Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So... yea

It's been a while since I've posted... I really should be better about it, but sometimes I'm just forgetful or feel like there's nothing really to write about. So a few updates:
  • I'm about 90 pages into my edit of KILLING MEMORIES. I think it's going well, for the most part. I've been changing the tense from present to past (since the other books were past). That's taking up a lot of time. I think I've found possible book covers as well. I've been looking into royalty-free images on It's incredibly difficult to figure out what a good cover would be for the KM series. I need more creative people to do that. Here a couple examples of what I'm thinking... a kinda funky background with basic text (title and name would go int hat center circle). I don't know if it's eye popping enough, but this is kinda what I'm thinking. Thoughts? I just don't know that it really screams "Estela and Moo," but it's way too hard to figure it out how match a cover and a novel. I don't feel smart enough. Anyway... editing is going okay, I suppose. Slow and steady. We'll see if I can get it done by May. If not then, definitely summer.
  • I haven't worked on THE SPIRIT KEEPER since my final edit a few weeks ago. Part of me feels guilty about this. I feel that I should be pounding ahead, writing books II and III. Instead, I've been thinking about an entirely different novel to write. I'm not sure what that means. Well, I do. I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of the project AND by the idea that it might never go anywhere (always at the back of my mind).
  • I just finished THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy. They're easily the best YA books that I've read in a long time. I think it might have depressed me actually, how good they are. I put off reading them for a really long time because I just had a feeling that I knew how good they were going to be. Sometimes, as a writer, reading a really good book is the key to depression. I don't know if I should read something crappy to feel better about myself or if I should just keep on pushing on. I was indifferent about the movie until I read the books. Now I'm excited to see the movie.
  • The last few days have been... blah. I've been on this "get healthy" kick and I've just slammed into the wall. The mountain seems insurmountable. Can you hear the little violins? Seesh.
I guess that's all for my updates! Hope everyone's well.


  1. I know how you feel about blogging, it just seems like nothing is noteworthy then a month has passed.

    And I don't know, I think Estela & Moo would have people on the cover, even if it was a cartoon like they were doing with chick-lits a while back.

  2. Hi Jammi!

    Yeah, I looked for people. First I looked for best friends and then for something more romantic looking. I'm not saying those are the final images. I need to keep looking around. Are you caught up on Supernatural?

  3. Oops, now that I ask I realize that I'm one episode behind myself.

    1. Yeah I'm all caught up. The newest episode was pretty good and some questions were finally answered.

    2. Okay, I'm caught up now! The last episode was good, especially the very end. I wonder why they can't see him.