Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: "Darkness Becomes Her"

Finished a new book last night. "Darkness Becomes Her" is by Kelly Keaton (she writes adult novels under then name Kelly Gay). This was another random library grab as I'd never heard of this book or the author. I read it through in a few hours and enjoyed it overall. It's definitely interesting and unique: a little vampire-witchiness thrown together with Greek mythology. The story is about a young girl in search of her birth mother. Her search takes her into New 2 (New Orleans after a few horrible hurricanes) and into a band of interesting little friends. At first I thought this was a post Hurricane Katrina setting, but then the main character is 17 (if I remember correctly) and was born in 2009, so this is definitely a futuristic setting.

Anyway, this novel is something new out there right now in paranormal/supernatural YA. I think it'll be an interesting series to follow.


  1. The cover looks good, but I'm not sure it's my type of book.

    I'm currently reading the sequeal too Black Magician's Trilogy. It's great and incredibly long. I think Trudi Canavan IS my favourite author, lol.

    I think you might be interested in this article?


  2. Hey Sammy! Thanks for the link. I think I've decided not to read the Vampire Diaries books right now. I'll keep them on my list, but I think I'd rather watch the TV show :).

    I'm now reading a book called "Angelfire" and I'm not entirely sure that I'm into it, but I'm only through the first few pages (which is why it's so important to grab people's attention early on). I've never read anything by Trudi Canavan before. I'm adding her to my "author's to check out" list.

  3. Read Black Magician's Trilogy before you check out the Age of the Five, if you ever get to check out her stuff. Lol.