Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm a little embarrassed...

So... I've started my Nook edit of KM1. If you recall, I didn't do this step before releasing Killing Memories. As reviews came in about grammar errors, I was frustrated because I felt that there weren't grammar errors; they were typos. 

Ummmm, no.

These are grammar errors.

Typos aren't any better, but there's something about telling a writer that their grammar's bad that stings a little.

The problem is that when I first wrote KM1, I wrote the first half in first person present tense (for example: "Stop looking at me!" I yell. Instead of yelled). [Hostile Kisses is written in first person, present tense. It's a little tricky going from that to past tense, but I'm managing.] I'm not sure why I decided to change the tense for book 1. I think it was because it wasn't coming out organically--it didn't sound right. Making that change involved a lot of heavy rewriting, and I obviously missed little things here and there. It's not just missed tenses though--there are a lot of little things that I'm catching. I wish I'd thought to do the Nook edit for KM1. Oh well, live and learn!

It's kinda fun revisiting book 1 again! I hope that I can make it stronger and hopefully reduce the amount of reviews that say: "this is dumb" (not helpful!).


  1. Hi Tanya.. Ok there were some errors, but I see worse in other books I get on my kindle, anyway I automatically correct errors in my mind as I read lol. (Years of working as a secretary /PA lol). So please don't beat yourself up over the "reviews", anyway the fact of the matter is you write a darn good story and quite frankly when I get into your books the 'errors' do no affect my enjoyment. Take care..... bring on KM4

  2. :) Thanks, Jill! I'm glad that the story is strong enough for people to look past the little mistakes, but I'm definitely fixing them. The bad reviews do sting for a little while, but it doesn't last (thankfully!), and luckily the good reviews out weigh the bad.

  3. I have read all the km books and I have really enjoyed them and I laughed out loud at all three of them can you tell me when the next book is out

  4. I really hope that it's out in the next few weeks. I'm still waiting to get feedback on it. Thank you for reading my other books! I'm glad they could make you laugh out loud! :)

  5. Agree with Jill, in no way did the errors effect my reading enjoyment.