Thursday, May 16, 2013


So, Barnes and Noble is changing their independent publisher platform from PubIt! to Nook Press. I'm concerned about this because I think in the transition between the two things are getting lost in translation. My sales have been pretty steady since the beginning of the year, but in the past two days I haven't had any. I don't really understand that and it concerns me. Plus, I can't sign up with Nook Press, which frustrates me. I'm considering the temporary removal of my books from B&N until they figure out what they're doing. The only downside of this is that B&N is the best platform for my books (although Amazon is slowly picking up speed).

I don't know what to do now... I need to figure it out before KM4 goes live.

When might that be, you ask?

I don't know... I hope by the end of the month. My fingers are crossed.


  1. I have been in the process of editing my own novel for self-publishing and did some research on B&N. I thought I red that you could sign up for Nook Press with your Pubit! account? Did you find that you couldn't?


  2. Hi Melinda,

    I tried syncing my PubIt! account, but it hasn't let me for some reason. It keeps saying that my credentials are bad, but I use them all the time to sign in to PubIt! I'm not really sure what's up. At this point, I might just wait until they make the permanent switch over.

    What kind of novel are you working on?

  3. A romance of course! lol I just scrapped about 3/4 of it. It just didn't feel right. Normally my narratives come so freely to me- this one not so much :(

    But I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stories and am counting down the days till killing models comes out!

    - Melinda

    1. Thanks! I hope KM4 will be out soon. It's a little out of my control at the moment as it's still with my beta reader and I don't want to publish without her feedback (she gives me excellent insight).

      Blah. I hate when things don't come out as easily (or quickly) as previous works. My only advice is not to force it... doing that only makes it harder in my experience. Do you outline?

  4. What can your NOOK readers with Barnes and Noble accounts do as your fans for you not to pull your books from Nook Shelves?

    I am truly a fan follow your blogs, twitter, facebook and good reads.

    Let me know what I as your fan need to do.

  5. Hi Tarsha!!

    Thanks so much for your comment! I'm not going to pull from Barnes and Noble. When I wrote this post, I was concerned after reading up on Nook Press. I've been having a lot of trouble switching over and then my sales dropped and I noticed other people commenting on low/no reported sales and that they thought B&N wasn't reporting all sales. So, I got a little worried. But, maybe there was just a delay? Things seem back to normal... although I still can't sign up for Nook Press.

    The best thing that fans can do is leave reviews and spread the word about Es and Moo! :)

    Thank you again!

  6. Awh sorry to hear of your problems, hope it gets sorted soon. I get my books from Amazon and have sent in my reviews to them, also I am telling my friends and family about you. I will wait patiently for the KM4 book, but as I was getting withdrawal symptons I decided to re read the other 3 KM books lol and again I cried laughing so much. Take care and good luck.

    1. Thanks for the reviews and spreading the word, Jill! :) Things are slowly getting sorted out with B&N, but I still can't sign up for their new platform. Oh well, it'll all work out! Take care!