Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greetings All

Just an update... I'm actively writing again! I wish I could share my excitement about this with all of you, but that's hard to do online. Anyway, I've just reached page 98 of a new novel and I'm sure that by the time I'm done writing today I'll have over 100 pages. Very exciting. Obviously, I haven't been publishing this story to fictionpress. I've decided to take a different route. I'm going to finish a first draft, work on edits and then contact some agents/publishers. It's time for me to not be scared of this process anymore. I think I was spurred to action by now 17-year-old Alexandra Adornetto, author of Halo. According to the publishers of her book, she was just fourteen years old when she published her first book in Australia. I mean, seriously? I need to step it up. I could work on some of my other stories, but they need more work and I'm too excited about this one to really start on anything else.

I hope everyone is well!


  1. Those young published writers always make me feel super jealous! It's like, "so what have you been doing with your life then?"

  2. Oh, and I think I found a publisher or two that you should check out for this book--they look for the fantasy/angel type books.

  3. Yup, that's how I felt when I saw that she's only 18. I haven't gotten her book yet, but I want to. And send me those publishers! I need to finish what I'm working on now, but it wouldn't hurt for me to check them out a little. :)

  4. Oh, I hope you get published. One day, hopefully very soon.

    I love your writing, I especially love your Killing series. I'm still so bummed you've taken it down.

    Promise me if you ever get it published, you WILL TELL ME?

  5. Hey Sammy! Of course I'll tell you :) I'll tell everyone. I hope it happens very soon too, but we shall see. :) Thanks for the comment!

  6. I just finished reading Start Boyfriend on FP and really enjoyed it. I had to come over to your homepage and see what you had here. I am happy you are writing and thinking of publishing. Good luck in your endeavors. I would enjoy reading more of your stories.