Thursday, October 14, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

I've reached 230 pages on my new project. I'm well over the halfway point, but there's still about nine chapters or so to go. Well, I've mapped out nine, but I haven't been following the map lately. It's weird not posting each chapter on FictionPress like I've done with all of my other stories. It's also a little rewarding too. For the last two years, while I've been in school, I haven't really written for myself. I feel like I am now--at least with this first draft. I haven't even let my first reader--my little sister--read any of this book. She will in the end as I hope ALL of you will. I still don't have a title for it. Though I've re-written the same story like eight times, using the same title each time, I don't want to recycle it this time. Why? 1) the story is COMPLETELY revamped from all the other versions, and 2) there are way too many titles out there now that refer to fallen angels. It needs to be fresher.

I've decided that after I finish this story (editing, revising), I'm going to work on editing "A Starter Boyfriend." I get so many positive comments on that book and I feel very encouraged by everyone who reads it. Of all of the old stories that I have on FP, it's one that will need less rewriting on a structural level, and more proofreading and maybe a bit of fill in missing sections. Unlike my first "Killing Memories" book in the Es/Moo series, which needs a complete overhaul. Not that it's bad, I just remember it being all over the place with no real trajectory. I love those characters and just thinking about them now makes me excited to re-approach them.

Anyway, just a little update! Take care all. :)


  1. are you going to be reposting the Estela/Moo series again?
    That would be a dream come true!


  2. Hi Leanna! I'm sure that I'll probably repost them at some point, but I'm not really sure when. Eventually I'd like to work on editing them and getting them in great condition, but they have a low priority on my editing list. Hmmm... maybe I should repost for a while. I'll think about it more! Thanks for leaving your comment ;)