Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone. Just wanted to post a quick update on my progress--I need to do these periodically to stay focused!
  • Narrowed down a list of 6-10 agents and 6-10 publishing houses. I'll probably pick ones who allow simultaneous submissions first (three from each grouping hopefully) and get letters and sample chapters out. To do this, I need to edit the first five chapters of A Starter Boyfriend (since that is the one I'm going to be starting with).
  • I received an email to do an interview with the SKOW Awards site! How exciting is that. I'll publish a link once it's up and finished (It'll be in the questionnaires section if they go through with it. ). That's pretty exciting overall.
  • FYI: The Jade Bracelet is up for the "Once Upon a Time" Award and My Darling Bunny is up for the "Innocence" Award on the SKOW site. Vote here starting Jan 30 - Feb 20. Thanks for the nominations!
  • Thanks for reading the first mini-Estela story. More to come!

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