Sunday, December 16, 2012

Killing Momzillas

Editing is going very well now for KM3. I think it'll be ready in a few more weeks. There are still a lot of balls in the air. I need to write a blurb/summary, finish my Nook edit, get feedback from my beta reader and do any additional edits, and finalize the cover. I'm excited that things are coming to an end for this edit. Okay... let me get back to it.


  1. I so don't want to bug you, but it's getting to that point where I'm constantly wanting to know how long till release day.

    Really happy with this post... Not long to go now.

    And excited for the Momzillas cover.

  2. So... I'm thinking the first or second week of January. I really hope I can stick to that. I feel like I'm pretty close, but there's still too much up in the air. :)

    The cover is being worked on now. I'm excited for it too.