Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yikes... now it's November!

So... not much is happening.

I missed daylight savings this morning, so instead of gaining an hour of sleep, I'm gaining an hour or two of work (I am editing!!!). I'm about seven pages from the halfway point of KM3. I guess that's a good sign? The last few weeks I've been working a lot of overtime at work, so that cuts into my editing time. I hope with the upcoming holidays I'll be able to plow through edits, but only time will tell.

In non-writerly things, I saw Wicked this weekend and a Dracula ballet. Both were excellent--I feel like I'm well rooted in culture for at least a little while. Probably until I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta :)

Back to writerly things... it's NaNoWriMo... I've been debating on whether or not I want to participate this year. I'm four days behind at this point. I think it could be really great in jump starting my writing (instead of editing), however I worry that I'm not going to complete it. I guess trying could be a good thing? Is anyone participating? Have you done it before? Gah... not sure what to do.


  1. I'm a huge fan of nano although I've participated eight times and only won twice/three times I believe, LOL.

    I like it just because I will actively make myself write for this month and the habit continues for a little while even if I don't reach the 50k word count.

    I'm already about 3k behind but at the same time, I haven't written anything in about two weeks so it's still more than I've been doing.

    I want to see Wicked so bad, I was four hours away when it was playing in Canada and I've always regretted not going. Dracula ballet sounds like it would be interesting, although I'm actually not that big a fan of Dracula.

  2. I kinda regret not doing it this year. I don't think work would have allowed it with all the extra stuff I've been doing, but I just need to do something, you know? I guess I really need to figure out a good writing/editing schedule.

    You definitely should see Wicked if you get a chance. It was so good. The ballet was so odd. I haven't been to many ballets (I think I've only been to the Nutcracker and I know that story pretty well). So, I found myself narrating the entire ballet in my head. It was creepy and really good.

    Are you up to date with ANTM? I haven't watched tonights final episodes so I don't know who wins.

  3. I shouldn't have done it this year, I've been weirdly tired for the past few weeks and between that and work I've gotten all of 10K. But then again, it's 10K more than I would've gotten if I hadn't attempted it so there's that.

    Nope, I was supposed to get caught up tonight but I'm finishing up some work things I didn't get to complete before I head off on vacay for a week.

    I'm just glad home school got booted off, she was irritating me and I found it interesting that she kept saying how the other girls were bullying her. If she had said Kristin was bothering her fine, but I guess when you feel attacked it doesn't matter if people aren't vicious about it and everything feels like sabotage.

    I definitely plan on seeing Wicked if it comes through Toronto again, I wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet but it stops playing next week and I won't be in town *shakes fist* but oh vell.