Thursday, August 16, 2012

KM2 Cover!

I'm so excited about my new book cover (thanks for your help Esther S!!!). I feel like it works well with KM1 and I'm excited and happy with it overall. Covers are tricky beasts. I thought about going a different way (compared to KM1), but in the end I felt that continuity was far more important. The covers will change if I ever decide to go paperback, which I might one day--depending on how well they do digitally. Maybe I'll be able to use the proceeds from the ebooks to fund a paperback venture. Maybe one day they'll be picked up by a traditional publisher (a la Amanda Hocking). No matter what, as ebooks (my first ebooks), I'm extremely happy.

KILLING MONSTERS will be available on Amazon in 6-12 hours. I'll be posting it to Smashwords as well (in a day or so). I'm also began my edit of KILLING MOMZILLAS, which is going much better than my initial edit of KM2. I'm not having to change the opening as much. My hope is that with book 3 and 4 it's smooth sailing, but I'm sure it'll be hard work. I'm just glad to be working again to be honest. I always have this uncomfortable "in between projects" time where I struggle so much it's like I've lost my purpose. It's strange. I don't like it. Happy to be working again. Happier still to be getting KM2 out for people to enjoy (fingers crossed).

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