Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh facebook...

So, I didn't feel like managing both a facebook profile and a facebook page for myself, so I tried to "convert" my profile page (which is supposed to upload all of your friends as people who "like" you) to a fanpage, but I think some (possibly 30 people) were cut. So, that was a dumb decision, but hopefully it'll be better in the long run. It probably would have been okay had I not created a page to start with, because I ended up with two pages, one of which I had to delete (including all of the people who "liked" that). I don't know if it all balances out, but my attempt at simplification seems to have blown up in my face. Pages are so boring... I need to spice mine up.

In other news, I think I've brainstormed a title change for SURRENDER. Because even though it will likely change later in the process (especially if an agent/publisher is interest), I can't go forward with the submission process with a title that really doesn't have a lot to do with the story anymore. Therefore, I'm leaning toward SPIRIT KEEPER or THE SPIRIT KEEPER. I can't decide how much weight "the" holds--does it change the meaning with or without it? Does it sound better with or without it? So many possibilities. At this point, I'm about 85% happy with this new idea. I do worry that the title will give away a little too much, but when I think about it I think there's enough mystery build up in the novel to keep the title from killing suspense. Titles are tricky--especially when the book won't be a stand-alone. But who says that l I have to confirm to the "Twilight," "New Moon," "Eclipse," and "Breaking Dawn" trend? Maybe my goal should be to fight it? I do wonder how often titles are changed by publishers/editors from what the author originally intended. If I cared more about the Twilight series I'd go look to see if it was Meyer's original title.

At any rate... THE SPIRIT KEEPER.

It definitely feels right. Well... better.


  1. I like "The Spirit Keeper", and I prefer my titles to have some hint of what's going on in the book. And I don't think it gives too much away. I mean, okay, I will admit I had a 'AHA!' moment but that's because I had to think about it and I've read a large portion of it so far

    [I'm still working on it, I decided to stick with line by line comments because then my feelings are truer as it's almost exactly what I'm thinking as I read it, so it's taking longer]

    but I still don't know what it means, exactly so I'll still have to read on. Like yeah, on one hand things seem clearer but at the same time, what's the purpose? [hard to discuss it without spoiling anything so if that's as confusing as it seems, sorry, lol].

    And I think the facebook thing will balance out in the end since anyone who was accidentally deleted may search for you again once they realise you're no longer on their feed and readd.

  2. I think I know where you're going in regard to it being clearer, but not completely answered. I think there's an element of "we don't know what you are" that kinda helps keep the title from being too obvious. Looking forward to your thoughts!

    I think the facebook thing will balance too.... I'm not completely regretting the decision, but having a fanpage feels more limited than a regular profile. Oh well.

    So, Supernatural. Are you caught up? I was happy with the episode, but I'm not sure if they actually gave us Bobby's answer? Thoughts?

  3. I still haven't gotten caught up on Supernatural, I'm hoping to watch it either tonight or tomorrow before this week's comes on.

    And yeah, the 'we don't know what you are' bit is definitely there, even when I get to certain scenes that makes me think I know at least the truth about half of her parentage, I'm still not sure about the other half and what that means in the long run.

    I'm hoping to have it finished before February since assignments will start to be thrown at me over the next three weeks, lol.

  4. Sounds good. I may or may not try to submit soon (like within a week)... but I'm not totally sure if that'll happen. Don't feel rushed to read or anything like that. But definitely let me know if there is/are some glaring, horrible thing/s that you've come across that would make it a mistake for me to push forward with this draft.

    I think I've finished up the short and long versions of the synopsis (talk about hard!).

  5. So far [I'm up to chapter 17] my main comments would be that her crush seems to come out of nowhere and as a result some of her actions/reactions seem jarring so maybe in the early chapters she should mention seeing him around more after their initial meeting since that could explain the crush since otherwise it doesn't seem to mesh with what we know about Evelyn.

  6. Okay, I'm caught up and you're right, they never tell us what his answer was. It might come up at a later date but I'm going to assume that he went where he was supposed to and just enjoy the fact that he got a proper send off.

  7. Really great comment regarding Evelyn's crush (on Cameron, right?). I'll take a look at the first few chapters (I need to look at them again anyway).

    As for Supernatural. I do feel like Bobby went where he was supposed to go, but there was a moment where I wasn't sure. I probably made a bigger deal out of it than I needed to (I rewound it like three times). It was the part toward the beginning where Dean gets mad at Sam for drinking/finishing his beer, and Sam was like "you did that yourself." I don't know there was just a moment where I felt like the beer was zapped empty. LOL. Now that I type it, it seems so ridiculous, but for a minute I thought Bobby was there with them. Silly, I think. But yes, it was the proper send off. Now I'm kind of excited at the possibility to see Cas again. I'm gonna have to watch tonight's episode online next week.

  8. Tonight's episode was alright, not the best but not too bad. And I thought the empty beer bottle was a sign of just how bad Dean's gotten that he's able to finish a bottle of beer without even realising it.

    But now that you've mentioned Bobby, I'm wondering if that's what it could be. But no, because then they would've felt the air go cold because he was a ghost.

    And yes, it's regarding her crush on Cameron. To be honest, I feel the story really gets going in Chapter four, everything just starts to flow and really get started. I think the first three chapters could probably be merged/shortened without losing anything.

    Although, I can't remember which chapter it was in, but there's a scene where she walks through a tunnel at school that sort of hints at supernatural things with words and writing on the walls [hopefully that's clear enough and yet still vague, lol] that happened in one of the earlier chapters where the imagery really stuck with me, one of my favourite scenes even though it never comes up again (at least not yet).

  9. You're right it would have been cold had Bobby been around. I'm still gonna keep my eye out for signs of Bobby having stuck around instead of moving on (even though I don't think that would be the best choice for his character).

    I think my plan this weekend it to look over the first few chapters again. They've been sitting around for a few weeks now, probably a good amount of time has passed for me to look at them again--hopefully with a stronger eye. Thanks for the feedback! The tunnel scene is when she firsts arrives at school, probably chapter 3.

  10. I searched for your facebook profile on my profile and instead got introduced to someone's rear. Yuck.

    So then I went to your FP account and clickes on homepage. Lol. Could you give us a link?

    AND Bobby's dead??? Or maybe a ghost??? *cries* poor Dean.

    1. Yuck indeed! I know that there is some Tatiana Moore out there who may be some kind of porn star :(. That I am not.

      Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tatiana-Moore/332102096813449

      Hopefully this works.

      Yes, big changes in the world of Supernatural! Very sad indeed.

  11. Thanks. Lol.

    I stopped watching supernatural because it comes on a different channel now. :( but I did plan on watching online...haven't found the time tbh.

  12. I think I'm going to have to watch it online (and a bunch of my other favorite CW shows) soon. We may be losing the channel from our cable provider, which is sucky. Did you finish out The Secret Circle? I think I watched all but two episodes. I liked it, but I probably won't watch anymore... I have to many TV shows to follow

  13. Yeah finally. Took me three days to finish the last episode. Phew.
    I have to be honest though, the books are so much better than the show.

    They've changed pretty much everything. I'm hoping it gets better...