Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hostile Kisses Re-Posted!

I've re-posted "Hostile Kisses" to FictionPress for a short amount of time (probably six months or so).

Things have slowed down with both writing and editing lately. Tomorrow I start a full-time job and that will really limit how much work I can do on my novel and on other things. It's kinda sad and I think I'm actually a bit depressed about it. I'm not at all excited to start this new position. I hope that eventually I will love the job, but right now it's making me blue.

In other news: "X-Men: First Class" was a great movie! I always leave the theater wanting my own powers or with the desire to write something about mutants, but then I stop myself because it's kinda been done already, and been done successfully. At any rate, it was a great revamp and anything with James McAvoy is awesome. I love him in "Penelope." So, there we have it folks, a few little updates for the blog.


  1. Aww, I thought you wanted the job?! Shoot me an e-mail!

  2. I do want the job. But my writing/editing time is cut down by like 70% and I don't want that. This is just an adjustment period. I'll be able to work on my stuff at night, but my parents are in town so not much is happening this week.