Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Story in the Works

I have decided to use the rest of this month wisely, by writing a new short story/novella (probably more the length of a novella). It'll be like "My Darling Bunny" in regard to the setting, but new characters. And... I will be posting it on FictionPress. I feel like I need to get back into active use of that site, at least for smaller projects like this. Novel wise, I'm still on the fence. I'm thinking of more lucrative options in regard to my KM series. There are so many projects that I want to complete and I feel overwhelmed by the amount. But, I've found that I tend to work well if I set deadlines/goals for myself.

So far, here's the list of projects that I have:

1. Write novella, tentatively titled "Arabelle Wild" (to be finished by April)
2. Round 2 edits for "Surrender" (to be finished by May)
3. Submit "Surrender" to agents/publishers
4. Start writing sequel to "Surrender" (by April
5. Edit/revise KM1 (no set date)
6. Remove "Starter Boyfriend" from FP (and hopefully start editing - no set date)
7. Edit/revise KM2 (no set date)
8. Start writing literary novel "The Dead Shall Rise" (no set date, though I'd like to get started on this before the Christmas).

... and so on. Oh... I should probably add "find a job" between all of those steps.

My goal is to finish the novella entirely before I start posting chapters on FP. I wrote about 9 pages yesterday and I'm about to start writing more. It'll be a fun, light-hearted, not at all accurate story set in Victorian England. I am a HUGE sucker for books in this period (hence my love for Jane Austen and 21st century novelist, Julia Quinn).


  1. You should probably throw "write query letters and synopsis" in there somewhere lol, because I hear those can be almost as time-consuming as your edits, lol.

    In regards to the short story I really liked the world and concept of My Darling Bunny, it's really cute so I'm looking forward to the new short.

    Also, title for your literary novel is awesome.

  2. Ugh, you're totally right... I need to add query letters and synopsis to my list. I did write out what I think might be a synopsis (basically summaries of what happens in each chapter), but it's like seven pages. I think I need to be able to get it down to 1-2. I need to do some research. Well, now I know what a future "craft note" might be.

    I took a novel class while in school and we had to outline/plot several novels (about 6-7 throughout the semester) and "The Dead Shall Rise" was the first one I did. The basic premise is about a preacher (I may change this to a preacher's kid instead) who can raise the dead. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and that always tells me that it's time to start writing. We'll see. :)

  3. I'm glad you're going to post in on FP, a lot of the good writers have dissapeared and its really sad and annoying.
    If I could get my hands on those plagarist's I'd...mutilate them...I think I spelt that wrong, but I'm too lazy to google.

    Good luck for your set-list. It doesn't look that long, but all your tasks take a month or two.