Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anything Supernatural

So, I am an addict. I love reading YA/teen supernatural romances. I like the ones that lean more on the supernatural side of things rather than the romance. I like romance to be an added bonus to an amazing story. I'm trying to do that very thing in my latest novel, although it's a bit of a love triangle at the moment. The story isn't centered around these relationships though, but more about the struggle or the change of the main character. [Image from]

Some good books to read: "Wings" and "Spells" by Aprilynne Pike; "Beautiful Creatures" (it's good, but really dense and long) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl; and "Paranormalcy" by Kiersten White. I've mentioned the last before and I thought it was really well done. Don't Read: "Crusade" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. It wasn't good--too many characters and I didn't care about any of them. Harsh but true.

Writing is going well--although I haven't written in a few days now because I'm back to working on my thesis. My goal, however, is to have a draft done by Christmas and revisions done a few months after that, which means I should be submitting to agents/publishers by May. If all goes well and I stick to my schedule. Lately another story has been creeping into my mind.

Some of you probably read my "My Darling Bunny" short story on Fictionpress. Well, I'm a sucker for the Victorian/Jane Austen era and I've been thinking about new characters from this time period. It would likely be another long short story, like MDB. The main character's imperfection is her clubbed foot. The hero is..... hot :). No, I see him as a prince/royal in hiding? Of course they would fall in love and then badda-bing-badda-boom. Happiness. I don't know when I'll start writing this, but it would definitely be one that I posted on FP. Speaking of posting... I hope everyone's still enjoying "A Starter Boyfriend" I haven't seen or heard of any foul play, so the story will stay up. (Probably until I'm ready to work on it... by May hopefully).

Cheers everyone!


  1. Another story like My Darling Bunny? Where can I read it? XD I hope your writing it as I type this up because I am getting really excited over this! XD

  2. I wish I was writing it at this minute, but I'm not :(. The good news is that the characters are still floating around in my head and I'm interested in them. When that doesn't happen anymore (ie, Jade Bracelet and Georgia Swimmer) the possibility of returning to those stories drops considerably.