Sunday, August 8, 2010

Writing Continues

Although it's been over a year since my last post (and nearly two years since I began the project), I've started writing chapter seven of The Jade Bracelet tonight. It actually feels REALLY good to be working on it (sad that I started it right before bed, but at least I started it). I hope to finish this chapter in a couple days and post it--and then hopefully that will spur me on to write the last few chapters (I'm thinking 4-5 more). Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it!


  1. hello Tatiana!

    I'm absolutely dying to re-read the Killing Memories series. I read it once through (without stopping no less) a few years back when it was still on FP, and distinctly remember falling head over heels with Caleb and Estela. And now I have a terrible itch to revisit the series.

    You're seriously an amazing writer, it's that easy to get sucked into any of your stories, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a soft/hard/ANY copy of your works (especially Killing Memories!)

    I'll always be a loyal fan!

    Elaine :)

  2. I'm excited to read this news, it's quite coincidental as I only just read through all the chapters previously posted two days ago so I'm very happy at the prospect of reading more.

    I just saw the links off to the side with the first few chapters of some of your stories and on one hand it was really great to re-read the beginnings of the stories that I thoroughly enjoyed again and again while they were posted in full on fictionpress but it's a bit of self torment too as I remember how much I love them, especially your Estella/Daisy stories, they were my favourite for sure. I'm always hopeful you'll be successful in getting them published, that'd be brilliant for us readers and even more so for you.

  3. Woo-hoo! I did a little happy dance.

  4. @elaine: thanks!!! I seriously want to PUT a hard/soft/electronic/any kind of copy in your hands as well. I feel like once I'm completely done with all this school nonsense that I'll be able to focus 100% on working on these stories for publication. I'm horrified by the first Es/Moo book though--I know it needs tons of work (plot wise).

    @kit: you're so right--those snippets are a big tease... i've had a few people make requests for the full stories again. I'm thinking about it for sure. It's also good that you just stumbled onto the Jade Bracelet--I'm sure for others who have been waiting a SUPER long time feel jilted. I feel bad.

    @Oni: yay for happy dances--hopefully I won't disappoint!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. So where is it possible to read the full stories now?
    You said you were working on a seventh chapter of the Jade Bracelet and I would absolutely love to continue reading that series.

  6. The Jade Bracelet (when updated) can be found on FictionPress. My other stories in whole are not available yet. I'm on vacation now, but hopefully that seventh chapter will come out soon.