Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review: The Chronicles of Nick

Like zombies? Need a book where the main character is a young 16-year-old male (cause lets be honest--there are FEW books out there with young guys as the lead character... kudos to Kenyon for writing one)? Then you might want to check out "Infinity" the first book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's new series for teens. I picked this book up because I'd read Kenyon's adult "Dark Hunter" series and really liked them. This book could make the teen-to-adult leap (think Twilight saga), but the writing is definitely geared toward that younger audience. This isn't a bad thing, however... she does a great job with the young male voice. I could learn a few things from her for sure. Overall, I found myself laughing at a few silly zombie slashing parts, and turning pages quickly out of eagerness to understand the mystery of Nick Gautier. Overall, this was a good read. I give it a B-.

I'm currently reading "Life as We Knew It." I'm 45 pages in and so far, so good. Although I'll admit that I'm longing for another "preternatural" book like the Chronicles of Nick. What is it about non-humans that makes life so entertaining? Good thing Cassandra Clares new book comes out at the end of the month! I should be done with my reading list by then.

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