Thursday, June 19, 2014

Draft Cover: ASB

I'm in that fun excited phase where I'm getting close to releasing another book. I managed to complete my Nook edits for A Starter Boyfriend and I'm now plugging them into the computer before I lose them again. I've also been playing around with the cover. I'm pretty sure this is it, but for now it's just a draft (I'm not sure about the font).

Let me know your thoughts! A blurb is coming soon. My goal is to have this one out by August.


  1. Honestly... when I think about this cover competing against other kindle titles on Amazon, it doesn't really call to me.

    I totally get that it's Colton's (did I get the name right?) Job/passion but new readers wouldn't know the significance.
    And does his job really play a huge role in them getting together?

    I'm not a huge fan tbh. And i agree with the font. It doesn't go.

    If you really like the cover maybe enlarge the hands?


  2. No apology needed!! I like all types of feedback.

    I was going more toward the idea of newness (ie, new plant growing in his palms) and not so much about his business, although that is an important part to his storyline.

    I agree that readers would recognize it more than a person not familiar with story. That's a very good point for me to think about.

    Thanks Sammy!

  3. I actually like the pictures itself. Maybe not the font. It's simple and sweet, kind of like the story. I kind of wish there was a girl in the pictures too and not just a man's hands... only to hit more at it being a romance. But I would not be opposed to this cover either.

    1. I like the picture too. I already purchased it :). I suppose it would be better with a girl, but maybe it could be considered a less traditional romance cover. I've been playing around with the font too. I think I'm going with something in a serif font instead of san serif. I'll probably post an update soon. I need to figure out the blurb. Maybe that's what needs to scream romance.

  4. AHHH! I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this book for years! :)