Sunday, June 30, 2013

New cover ideas

So, I haven't been 100% happy with my book covers. Not that they weren't well designed or anything like that, just that they didn't quite fit with other covers out there now in the ebook world. So, I've been playing around with a few ideas. I'm going to keep searching for a new image for cover three, but I'm kinda liking the rest. Thoughts?

If I do decide to change the covers, I'll do so with the update of KM1, which will be coming soon (I'm about 150 pages away from completing it).

In other news, I am still plugging away on my Nook edit of Hostile Kisses--making good progress there. I'm switching back and forth between KM1 and HK. My hope is to release them around the same time. The KM1 update will probably come first. I'm not quite sure when either will be out. My hope is by the end of July or early August, but we'll see.

I hope everyone is enjoying Killing Models! Please be sure to leave a review.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Next Up to Bat...

So, now that KM4 is done (yay) and posted online (double yay), I'm moving on to my next project. Of late, it has been my nook edit of KM1 (I'm about 40 pages away from the end). I'm basically cleaning it up--trying to catch all the little typos, tense errors, missing words, etc., that I missed because I skipped this (now crucial) edit. So, once that's done, I'll be uploading a revised version. Note, there are no big changes in this edit. I'm deleting some sentences, but not any that do anything to change the story overall.

Once I'm done with KM1, I'll move on to my Nook edit of HOSTILE KISSES. I love Daisy and Adam's story. It's a little more serious (ie, Estela's not around to cause crazy mischief and do stupid things, but she does make an appearance), and the tone is different (because it's Daisy's point of view). I hope that people enjoy it just as much as the KM series.

I don't know that KILLING MODELS will be the last of Estela and Moo. I'm sure that there are more possible stories, but I never like to force things. Because nothing's coming to me at the moment, I can't promise a new Es and Moo book. KM1-KM4 are separate stories, but they're linked too. I feel like  they should be read in order for the best experience. And because I know my patterns, I wonder if I'll be able to write just one more KM book or if I'll have another large arch that spans over three books. I feel like I'm too grandiose. :) I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to tone down the scope of my novels. Most of them range close to 500 pages (sometimes longer)--so, that's almost 2000 pages across the four KM books.

So, yeah. No KM5... yet. Maybe one day.

After Hostile Kisses, I plan on writing something new. Writing!! I haven't written anything in a very long time. So, I want to get a good draft of a new novel done before I start working on editing A STARTER BOYFRIEND, which was one of the last novels that I published on FictionPress. Some of you may have read that one. It's a stand alone novel (my first!).

I also plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Depending on timing, I might start writing that new novel in November, or maybe I'll get lucky and will write TWO novels this year. It's possible--I just have to switch gears and bunker down. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Killing Models Release

KILLING MODELS will be available on Nook and Amazon in 12 hours (so, by 8am EST June 10, 2013). It will also be available through Smashwords, but right now the site isn't working quite right. You can find and buy the book if you look up my Smashwords profile (click the second one in the list, the first has a few formatting errors), but I recommend waiting a day or so until the site is working properly.

Happy reading!