Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well... that didn't go so well.

I failed my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Epic fail. There will be more attempts in the future, it just didn't happen for me this year. The good news is that now I can start writing without the added pressure of a deadline. I plan to return to KM6. Hopefully I can get into it and plow through a first draft. I kinda feel like editing as well... but I do think I need to give writing more of a go. I've neglected myself for too long.

Good advice, Bradbury!
One thing that I hope helps me out is my Black Friday purchase: Microsoft's Surface tablet. I got the original one (it was cheaper) with a red keyboard. (I think red stimulates something... right. Maybe the creative juices will get riled up and excited.) I like the idea of being more portable. My current laptop is pretty amazing, but it's bulky and heavy. The Surface will be about 2lbs total. I have grand plans of writing during my lunch break or riding on a plane somewhere and writing. I'll admit, it was the commercial with the lady on the plane that really made me sit up and say "ooo, I want that."

Hopefully this isn't something that I'll set aside and not use. It's probably good that I went with the cheaper option instead of the newest model (which I really wanted).

So... here's to December being a better month for writing. Until next year's Nano!


  1. I know how you feel about nano, I did absolutely horrible this year. Before this nano I think the lowest I'd ever gotten was 18/20K because Nano usually inspires me to at least writing some words a day, but this year has been horrible on the writing front.

    And that's smart about the tablet, I bought an ultrabook and it's pretty small, about 13 inches but it still feels bulky and awkward to carry around since I have never actually been someone who brings my laptop with me, but now I feel like I need to stick with it since I could've just gone the tablet way to begin with. Especially when they have those cute typewriter keypads now.

    I hope that December is your month as well and that everything flows smoother and if not, I hope you figure out a plan of action that you can implement and start 2014 on a strong note.

  2. I failed NaNo, too. Although I did church out about 10,000 words on the book so far. So I guess I can't hate. It brought some initial motivation and lit a fire under me momentarily, so it is what is is.

    Now I just need to continue to motivate myself. I do best when I know someone is going to call me on my laziness, haha.

  3. Nah, don't hate. I think 10,000 words on anything is a good start :). I need to get some motivation back in me. I don't write as much as I used to and I'm not really sure why. I find myself thinking a lot about my angel trilogy and wonder if that means I should start working on that. Of course, I keep thinking about the potential opening for book 3 (haven't even started book 2 really...).

    B, you're LAZY! Get back to it. (Okay, now you tell me the same!)