Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Next Project

So, I'm determined to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I was trying to hold off writing this new project until November 1, but I just started a few minutes ago, which means I'll need to figure out something new to work on for NaNo.

I've always said that there wasn't going to be another Es and Moo book until I could come up with an idea that wasn't "writing another book just to write it." It's important to me to be fully invested in a story for Estela and Moo. I think there was always the plan or idea to write one more book for these characters. I even have an old folder saved called "Killing Misery." And I'm pretty sure that it would've dealt with Estela's pregnancy. But I never had a solid idea come to me, which is why I didn't write anything back in the day. Back then the four KM books (rounding off with Hostile Kisses) "arched out" in a way. Meaning that the story lines that thread throughout each book all came to a conclusion of sorts and writing book six at that time felt too forced, which is why I didn't do it.

I think that's a type of selling out, for me. Writing something that I wasn't fully invested in just to write it. It probably wouldn't have been very good anyway. Most things done in that mindset turn to crap.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about possible ideas for more Estela books, not because they are reviewing well and people enjoy them, but because I enjoyed writing them. I love these characters and I think I've finally found a new story line that could open things up for more novels in the future. I think that this new book (KM6) would not only tie off some lingering things (Estela and Caleb and their growing family/relationship), but introduce the setting for the future of the series.

As some of you may know, if you read the KM series back on FictionPress, I wrote the first five books over seven years ago. Sure, I edited the books within the last year, but the hearts of them (ie, the first draft) were written a long time ago. I've grown a lot since the early 2000s as a writer. Needless to say, the tone and writing of any new Estela and Moo book will be different. Hopefully, the books will be even better! That's my goal as a writer, each book should be better than the last.

A couple things that I know will be different:

1) Book Six will likely not have a "KM" title. Because honestly, there's only so much that I can do with that and it's a little limiting (I think "Killing Misery" shows the limitation I'm talking about). Right now I'm throwing around ideas about Magical Babies. You know something like: Estela and the Magical Babies. Okay probably not that, but don't be surprised if in the end I do go with that working title. 

2) It will be told in present tense (like Hostile Kisses). Think of KM 1-4 as Estela telling you about how she came to meet and fall in love with Caleb, while KM6+ will be told in the present moment. This change is basically because it feels a little more organic to move into present tense for a first-person story. This, however, could change as I write--lord knows I changed KM1 from present to past tense halfway through. That was a pain in the ass to edit and showed if you were unfortunate enough to download the first version of the novel when I put it up online. It was a mess. Sorry about that.

So, yes. I've started KM6... we'll see how far I get and if I can even finish it. So, no promises, but I will try my hardest to bring new life into these characters. We all know that Estela can get herself into some trouble, so that won't change, but hopefully they'll be even more rounded, real, and mature. Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted on my progress here (watch the new status bar!).


  1. Hi Tanya... I am so pleased you're venturing into another KM book, I am so addicted to them. Just a thought but KM could also stand for Kindred Mothers lol.
    Take care and keep up with your amazing writings.

  2. :) Thanks Jill! I finished chapter one yesterday, so it's on to chapter two now!

  3. Ms Moore I am a big fan of your work and wouldn't mind a KM6 would love to know about Rebecca or Isobel and Abraham love the way you introduced the dynamic description of the three characters that I continue to wonder if Rebecca can juggle love with her busy schedule. If Abraham would accept the majestic Isobel.

    Hungry for more Es, Caleb, Moo, baby drama along with Daisy and Adam.

    1. Thank you Tarsha! :)

      I'm happy to hear that the minor characters in the story (Isobel and Abe, and Becca) were strong enough to stick with you! I bet they all have their own stories that will hopefully be written one day. For now, I'm working on Estela and her gang (the others will likely have cameos in KM6). I kinda wish I was a millionaire. Then I could just sit at a desk and write all day every day! :)