Thursday, July 11, 2013

So tired...

...of typos.

And reviews about typos.... Maybe I shouldn't complain, since people are actually leaving reviews (whether they be good or bad... I take them all) and reviews draw in readers. But I work so damn hard on these books... it's just tiring when people make it seem like I just threw it online all  willie nillie and called it a day. [Side note: I did do this a little bit with KM1, but it was more that I was excited to release it and not because I was lazy. I've revised it now, but I'm sure there will be a mistake of two or five million.]

Two points: (1) Writing and editing are two different things in my process; writing = story telling, character development, plot, etc., and editing = fixing grammatical errors, typos, and other such things at a sentence level; and (2) it is VERY hard to edit your own work.

No, three points: (3) It's very hard to edit your own work when you've looked at the same manuscript three or more times.

I just needed to get that out there.

I'd also like to mention that I'm just as frustrated by typos as readers are. I'm a perfectionist. I'm a virgo. I need these things to be perfect and they aren't and that bothers me... but I can't spend my entire life editing my KM series. Maybe one day I'll make enough money to hire someone to edit them and create killer covers... until then... they are what they are.

Thank you for letting me vent, blog world.

Now, let me return to Hostile Kisses. I feel like it's pointless to aspire to a completely clean manuscript... but I'll try.


  1. A lot of typos can be annoying, but in general... every e-book I have ever read has at least three-five typos. And even published books occassionally have a bit of mistakes. Ultimately, as a self-publishing writer, you don't have the string of editors and proofreaders to help you catch those things. So don't be too hard on yourself.

    And people should comment more about THE STORY in reviews. Did you enjoy it or not? Only comment on the typos if you feel they were so many that they took away from the pleasure of reading. You know?

  2. Totally. I mean, even though they commented on the typos (they said they were frustrated by the amount in KM4, which I thought was the cleanest book) it was a high-star review. I shouldn't really complain. However, when I see these reviews the initial reaction is so disheartening (especially when I think the thing is solid and presentable and after working really hard on it). Normally, I'll just nod in agreement and make moves to make it better, but this last one.... I felt reprimanded. That I should "know better." That bothers me a little, so I needed to vent. :)

    I totally understand the bad reviews for KM1 because, goodness!!, there were a lot of sloppy errors.

  3. Hi Tanya

    Like I said before, yeh there were errors but it never spoilt my read. I fully understand that it's difficult to edit your own work, when I used to type up reports in my old job we never checked our own work, we passed to another colleague and they would check it for us and vise versa. It's tough for you but you are doing a great job in bringing us readers fantastic books. Keep up the good work... I am patiently waiting for Hostile Kisses and am on my 3rd read of the KM series.

    Best wishes, Jill

  4. Hi Jill!

    Thanks for your message. I'm glad they didn't spoil your reading... I guess I just have to keep chipping away at them little by little and uploading new copies when they're ready. Or... just push along and try to make each book better and better.

    I'm getting through about a chapter a night for HK. I'm almost halfway though with the Nook edit. :)T

  5. The typos are not that bad in none of the KM Series that you couldn't get through as a reader. You will always have negative reviews regardless KM series was a phenomenal read.

    Please try to ignore the negative comments and concentrate on "Hostile Kisses" can't wait to read about (Adam and Daisy). Also the first covers is what attracted so many of your readers why change them?

    You are a great writer that holds your readers attention from start to finish.

    Keep Shining


    1. Hi Tarsha! Thanks for leaving a comment. I feel like I'm over that particular review :) I just needed to vent. The bad ones tend to stick with you a little longer. I'm about 100 pages to the end of my Nook edit for HK. I feel like I've hit a good groove... now as long as the heat doesn't keep me down! :)

  6. Hey!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the KM series!!! it was awesome....i dont care about typos! i still got some good reading out of your books! they were awesome...made me laugh! i will be re-reading them again before the next book comes out =) refresher lol... anyway just stopping by to say dont listen to the snootiez! listen to us and keep up the good work!!! i can't wait to read about Adam and Daisy! SO EXCITED!!! looking forward the more good reads!!!!

    *keep 'em coming!!!


    1. Thanks Mruiz! :) I'm glad you didn't care about typos. I'll try not to listen to the typo reviews in the future (although, they'll still bother me).

  7. Hi,
    Just finished the km series and loved it. Can't wait for hostile kisses (read the 4 books in 4 days) every e book I have read has incorrect spelling or grammar somewhere, people should get over it. Loved, loved, loved km can't wait for more xx

  8. Ignore the negative posts and keep the KM books rolling. I'm an instant fan. I'm currently finishing up Killing Models and can't wait for the next.
    I'm an avid reader, and always note typos. But if the book is really good, I make a personal note of the error, and keep reading. When something is just good, teeny weeny mistakes are easily overlook.
    Totally a friend of Estela in my head