Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Game Plan

Now that my Nook edit for KM4 is done, I have decided on a game plan on the next few steps:

1. Transfer Nook edits to computer. I'm about 139 out of 457 pages (Nook pages, that is) in to the transfer. Things are going well. I'm doing things a little differently with this book, in that I'm doing the Nook edit before I send it to Sarah, my beta reader. I'm hoping to avoid typos this way. I probably should have done this for ALL of the books, but for some reason, I didn't think to. I was rushing things, I think.

2. Edit Hostile Kisses Blurb. I'm planning on putting the prologue of HK at the end of KM4. So, I need to make sure that's good to go.

3. Send KM4 to Beta Reader. Sarah's good so she'll probably have it back to me in a few days--if she's not swamped (fingers crossed).

4. Finalize cover. No promises on this cover being amazing... I'm going to work on it myself this time. Mostly because I know that I want the covers to change at some point and I don't want my friend who helped me with KM2 and KM3 feel like I wasted her time. Anyway, here's the cover that I have so far... thoughts? Give it to me straight. I'll take any feedback I can get--how much I can do on my own, I'm not too sure.

5. Write blurb. Ugh... this is seriously the hardest part for me. Look for drafts to be posted here. Reader feedback is invaluable to me.

6. Format novel for uploading. This can be a little time consuming. I have to have drafts for Smashwords, Nook, and Amazon. They all want things to look a little different. For the most part the files are the same, but if I make a change to 1, I need to make a change to all. Blah.

7. Upload KM4!

8. Start editing Hostile Kisses (while doing a Nook edit of KM1). So, I'm pretty sure that in my excitement to share Estela and Moo and the guys with everyone, I didn't do a Nook edit (hence all the "grammar" related reviews it received). I've actually already started this (it keeps me busy at the gym). My goal is to upload the revised KM1 at the same time as HK... or maybe a week before, we'll see.

So... let me stop blogging and get back to transferring edits!


  1. Congrats on getting your edits done! Out of curiousity, have you thought about putting up part of the first chapter of Hostile Kisses up at the back of the book?

    I know for me personally while blurbs are nice, I don't really remember them but reading a section of the first chapter, even if it's not the full first chapter, if it grabs my interest I make a note to keep an eye out for that book and if I forget the title I check to see if the author has any new releases that might be the book that I got the snippet for.

    But I don't know if you'll have any of the first chapter edited by the time you're ready to upload KM.

    On the cover:

    I like it, it's cute, but do you have one where it's a barbie/prettier someone's sticking pins into? Something that portrays the models aspect a bit clearer but sort of sticks with this idea?

    If not, this works although it does feel like it needs a bit more colour or it should be all white cover with black words instead of the white picture in the middle then black around. It'll make it flow smoother (I think).

  2. Thanks Jammi! It feels pretty good to be nearing the end. Well, the end of KM4 anyway.

    I could possibly do the first chapter of HK. The prologue (I said "blurb" but that's not what I meant) is about 6 pages, so maybe that's not quite enough to hook people? I'll see what I can do.

    It's been a few weeks since I've looked for voodoo doll pictures, so I'll look again before making a final decision. I had the same thought regarding color! I'm not sure what I can do with that, but I might play around with the all white background... I think I wanted it to "look" like the others, but maybe I can stray. I already have the cover for HK... that one was much easier to figure out. :)

  3. Oh, Hostile Kisses is the one with the twin whose a soldier and the prologue shows their break up right?

    Because if it is, that prologue was a pretty strong draw to me the first time I read it. I clearly can't remember the details, lmao, but I do remember reading it and feeling envy because you managed to pack a whole lot of emotions and made me connect with the main character from the jump.

    And since this is the final book in that series maybe if the voodoo doll has some colour added to it it'll still work even if the book itself is all white? It's not like with a physical book where a change in colour scheme will throw your book shelf off (I don't think).

  4. Yup, Hostile Kisses is the spin off with Adam and Daisy. The opening is about their hot and steamy breakup. I'm glad to know that the beginning is catchy enough. I'll see how much I can edit.

    You were right about the white cover! I've made up another draft and I like it a lot better. I'll post it here along with the blurb. I'm not sure if I'll be able to add more color to it myself. I'll keep playing around.

  5. This is the last book in the series?! I got the first book for free on a "Free eBook Friday" for my Nook. Read it super fast fell in love and just bought the second and third! I will be very VERY bummed to see the end of these characters!

  6. Well... it's the last book that I've written and it does kinda close up things for everyone (except Adam and Daisy, who will be featured in Hostile Kisses). But, I'm not going to say that I'll never write another Es and Moo book. The one thing I can't do it just force it out. So, maybe there will be more, but for now, it's just the four.

    Thank you for reading and for purchasing KM2 and 3! I hope you enjoy them :)