Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now Available: KM3

So, KILLING MOMZILLAS is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords! It feels good to release it. I've started editing KILLING MODELS... I'm only 6 pages in to the edit (out of 418 pages), but I hope that it goes smoothly. I think I said that about KM2 and it took me five months to release it. I suppose that isn't too much time in between books, considering a lot of authors spend years before releasing things. So, I think I'm on track, even if KM3 took a while. I want to be sure I'm doing things right.

I'll be releasing my novels in the following order:


I'm pretty sure that I'll be increasing my current prices soon. I've been thinking about it for a while now. I feel like it's asking a lot for an e-book to be over $5. Although, I did just buy one from one of my favorite authors for $7.99. I have to love the author to buy something for more than $5. I think it's outrageous to ask people to spend $10 bucks on an ebook when the paperback is the same price. I mean, I do get it... publishers want to make the same amount of money on a tangible product as they would on a small electronic file. They're making crazy money off e-books, I'm sure. I'd rather have a paperback in my hand for that much money. However, if I want to make any extra off my work, I'm going to have to increase my prices to at least $2.99. I'm going to keep on thinking about this. I'll let people know when prices are going up.

With the New Year, I've decided to write for 1 hour a day. I feel like I've spent the last year editing and I haven't written anything new. My goal is to continue to create new stuff, which is the only way we can grow as writers. So, I hope I can keep up with this resolution (one of many). Right now I'm working on ARABELLE WILD, which is a Regency England piece (same time period as MY DARLING BUNNY). It does feel good to write again! Hopefully I'll be able to start on book 2 of THE SPIRIT KEEPER trilogy as well. I have a lot to do! Things with work have calmed down a little, so I feel like I have the time to write on the weekends. Unless I decide to take a second job, which I don't want to do. In my heart, writing/editing are my second job. I feel like I might go a little crazy if I didn't have time to edit and write.

Now... if I could only find the extra hours to read. I don't read enough books. It's sad.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys KM3. Please leave reviews wherever you bought them!


  1. Have you heard of wriye? Its like a year long nanowrimo but you set your word goals and you don't have to work on just one novel. I don't know the site link by heart since i just learned about it in December but if you're interested I can send you the link. To be honest I feel you're doing an amazing job at creating writing goals and reaching them regardless.

    And I have the opposite problem, starting in October my writing/editing ground to a halt but I read 3-5 books a week.

    I know where to find the hours to write, it's just that when I get home I'm so tired and despite what some of my friends think even when you're on a roll writing wise it can get exhausting.

    I think bumping your book prices up make sense. The amount of time and effort that goes into it should show a return of some sort.

    Can you do a "bundle" deal? They can buy the first book at like $.99 and then either but thet others for $2.99 each or $5.00.

    Or provide a short story for free and then have the other books for sale at $2.99. One girl I know always makes the first book in her series free just when she's getting ready to publish the second and she says she does see higher sales for the second and third books based on before when all three were for sale.

    Also that cover makes me think of an evil stepmother Ala Disney, lol.

    Good luck with your resolution(s)! I'm aiming Tory and write 8,333 words a month and actually finish a novel in a year, lol. I need to create an editing goal because editing my own word is super hard for me but I figure I'll try and get into the habit of writing regularly first.

    And have you ever read Elizabeth Hoyt? She doesn't write regency novels, not quite sure of the time period, but she manages to write heroes and heroines who aren't the beautiful types you normally read about but at the end you can see their appeal when their love interest talks about them.

    1. I've not heard of WriYe until now. Thank you for sharing it with me (I ended up googling it). So far, I've written three to four times this week, and I call that progress. I go back and forth with whether or not what I'm doing is any good, I guess that's what editing is for.

      I've had to revamp my writing schedule a few times. The most recent was when I decided to start going to the gym. Normally I'd get home from work and write for several hours until my sister got home. Now I go to the gym after work most days and then edit my novels while watching TV. Writing has definitely been on the back burner. So, I think starting small with an hour a day is working (even though I'm not writing every day... I'll get there).

      I do think I need to get my readership up, like Colleen says below. I might put KM1 up free for a while again and then raise the prices in a few months. I could do a bundle thing too; I'd just have to package it up myself and upload it. I might consider doing that when all four are published.

      The cover does have an evil step mother feel, doesn't it. I didn't think about it until you said that. lol. I'm really proud of it though--I think it's the best of the three so far.

      Good luck with your monthly goals! You should squeeze in a little editing. Editing yourself can be so difficult. If something's sat for a while. Get your hands dirty! Maybe it'll get easier after a while?

      Can you recommend a Hoyt novel that you liked a lot? I may have read her, but I can't remember.

    2. The Raven Prince and To Seduce a Sinner are quite good. There's more of a mystery subplot in To Seduce a Sinner but it is still focused on the couple.

    3. Sweet, thanks! I'll check them both out. I'm in the market for some good reading, I think. Right now I'm watching Sparkle. So much for writing or reading!

  2. 1. JUST BOUGHT IT! Ahhh, I love this story! I really think this is my favorite. I love how strong Es has grown!
    2. Pricing
    I'm pretty active on the Romance forum on Amazon and most people feel that anything over 2.99 for an unknown author is outrageous. After a decade of getting burned by the Big 5, readers are hesitant to try expensive books. One author (Lynda Chance, I think)posts her books at .99 for the first day and then goes to 2.99. I would try KM1 at no cost for a while and leaving KM2 & 3 at .99. After a while, more and more people will be interested, so you can raise the price. A lot of people go through the freebie list daily. It would increase your readership and get a wider range of readers.
    Also, lending is a huge issue. If it's not lendable, people get pissy. I'd make it lendable for a few reasons (more people can read, a lot of people buy what they've been loaned, people are more willing to read it).

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Colleen! Thank you for the feedback on pricing! I really go back and forth about it, and I'm still not really sure what to do most of the time. I think it'll be a good idea to put KM1 for free again (I had it for free several months ago, I suppose). I might leave it up longer than I did last time. It was downloaded a lot, but I'm not sure how many of those people actually read it. I want to increase my readership as well. It's too bad that I can't put it for free on Amazon. I kinda hate that they don't allow that (except for their KDP Select program).

      I haven't selected my books to be lendable. Something about that has always turned me off, but you've clued me in to something that may be hurting me! I'm going to consider that as well.

      Thank you so, so much for buying KM3. :)

  3. I ended up here while looking to see when KM4 will be out and wanted to add my two cents. I first found you because KM1 was free, fell in love with your characters, and promptly bought #2 and #3. I think that if your writing is quality the first book will really sell the rest of them. The lower price on the additional books in the series was definitely a bonus though.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! :) I'm still thinking about what to do regarding prices for KM2-4. I think I'll leave the first as free for a little while longer, at least until I can edit it a little more. Anyway, thank you so much. I'm glad you're enjoying the books!