Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Okay... Not Making Progress

September is not being good to me! Well, besides my birthday and a fun trip to NYC it's not being good to me.

I haven't edited in weeks. I'm almost to page 140 (still over 200 to go). Maybe I just need to take a break (for the rest of September) and refocus on everything starting October 1. I love editing so I don't want to think that I'm really burned out, but maybe I am. Maybe I should write something... *sigh*

Thanks to all who are reading KM1 and 2! Don't forget to leave reviews :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Making Progress

So, I'm about 100 pages into my first edit of KM3. I spent several hours at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I take my laptop without the charger and work until the battery is almost dead. It's usually a good jump start to consistent editing. And since today is Labor Day and I don't have to go to work, I expect to pound through at least 20 more pages. After this edit it's on to a Nook edit, a beta reader edit, and hopefully publication! I'm not sure when this will happen, but the last one took me a couple months so I'm sure this will be the same (if not faster). The later books in the series have less overall work to do (I still want to go back to KM1... I didn't do a Nook edit with that one, hence the typos). With this book it seems to be more about fixing wordy/repetitive sentences. I do think that Estela was a bit of a cry baby in this book (if my memory serves). I've already stumbled across her crying a couple times, but I think they're legitimate reasons. Since she's supposed to be growing with each book, I'm going have to really look at all these sections. We'll see though. Sometimes it's hard to see your characters when you're so close to them.

Sales for KM2 are pretty much on target with the first book, I think. It's getting good traffic with Barnes and Noble's Pubit! platform. Smashwords... not so much. More people use Nook or Kindle, I suppose. I'm not saying that I'll stop using Smashwords all together, but it doesn't seem like a lot of people use it (unless books are free). I'll probably still post my books there (since it distributes to several other platforms)... I just wish there was a little more traffic.

I'm eagerly awaiting more feedback on KM2. My sister says it's better than KM1, which is good. They should all be a little bit better than the last. That's my goal.