Monday, September 3, 2012

Making Progress

So, I'm about 100 pages into my first edit of KM3. I spent several hours at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I take my laptop without the charger and work until the battery is almost dead. It's usually a good jump start to consistent editing. And since today is Labor Day and I don't have to go to work, I expect to pound through at least 20 more pages. After this edit it's on to a Nook edit, a beta reader edit, and hopefully publication! I'm not sure when this will happen, but the last one took me a couple months so I'm sure this will be the same (if not faster). The later books in the series have less overall work to do (I still want to go back to KM1... I didn't do a Nook edit with that one, hence the typos). With this book it seems to be more about fixing wordy/repetitive sentences. I do think that Estela was a bit of a cry baby in this book (if my memory serves). I've already stumbled across her crying a couple times, but I think they're legitimate reasons. Since she's supposed to be growing with each book, I'm going have to really look at all these sections. We'll see though. Sometimes it's hard to see your characters when you're so close to them.

Sales for KM2 are pretty much on target with the first book, I think. It's getting good traffic with Barnes and Noble's Pubit! platform. Smashwords... not so much. More people use Nook or Kindle, I suppose. I'm not saying that I'll stop using Smashwords all together, but it doesn't seem like a lot of people use it (unless books are free). I'll probably still post my books there (since it distributes to several other platforms)... I just wish there was a little more traffic.

I'm eagerly awaiting more feedback on KM2. My sister says it's better than KM1, which is good. They should all be a little bit better than the last. That's my goal.


  1. I've been a long time reader and I used to comment frequently (but I lost the URL when I got a new computer).
    I just found out that you've published KM1 and 2 and I'm SO excited! I'm off to buy it on Amazon.

    Thank you so much for posting them. Are you planning on posting Hostile Kisses or A Starter Boyfriend?
    Again, I'm so excited and my weekend plans were definitely just canceled :)

  2. Hi Colleen! I remember your comments from the past! :) I'm so glad you found me again :). Yes, I do have plans to post HK and ASB (I'm too lazy to write the titles!). HK will come after KM4 and then ASB after that. I hope you enjoy them as much as you did in the past. It's been fun revisiting Es and Moo.

  3. I agree that KM2 was better than KM1 :-)

  4. Hey, how has the editing been going? And I think having each book being progressively better than the last and having the character grow each time is what makes series so great.

    Also, have you been watching ANTM?

  5. Hey! Editing isn't really going well. I used to edit every night while watching TV, but lately (like the last 3 weeks) I haven't been. I'm not sure what's going on with me. I feel a little stressed (gotta find a new job soon). So, I'm just taking it slow, I guess. At the same time I need to pick up the pace!

    (Side note: Just watched the season finale of Supernatural. I'm all caught up.)

    I have been watching ANTM. What do you think of the change up so far? The social media idea is interesting, but strange at the same time. How did people even know to go to the website to vote? Trya's still Tyra.

  6. I have no idea. I don't think i like the social media aspect, it feels like a beauty pageant/popularity contest. And I have no idea how they knew which makes it more suspicious to me, lol. I like Rob though, his accent just yum, lol though I miss the Jays and Nigel.

    And maybe a break like you mentioned in the newest post makes the most sense, work on something new for a while and get your brain revving again.

    What did you think of Supernatural season finale? New episodes start next week though I am sick of the day changes.

  7. So, they changed it to Wednesday? What day was it before? I think they did Bobby justice with his final send off. I also found it very interesting that Dean and Cas ended up in purgatory. I'm curious how they got there and how long it'll take them to get out. Is this new season their final one? I can't remember... they change it so much.

    You're totally right. ATNM does feel a little like a beauty competition. The only thing I'm interested in is the contest with the eliminated girls. I don't ever go online to follow it though. The thing with the social media is that it's a little truer to the modeling world in a way... I mean when we look at models in magazines or on the runway there's no way to determine if the person has a horrible personality (ie, Kristen). I'm not sure if I have a favorite at this point. I'm not really impressed with any of them and home-school girl is CRAZY... and at the same time one of the better models. I die every time she calls her mama.

    I might start outlining book 2 of my angel series... at least that would give me something to do. I feel restless.

  8. I have to say when home school was like "she's crying, is she serious?" About the girl who was afraid of heights my sister nd I both just stare, I dead so slowly, lol, but the crazy is growing on me. She come on screen and I know I'm going to start laughing.

    Yeah, I don't have any favourites yet which is weird since you can normally find a few you lime early on. And I feel like with models we only pick favourites after the 'professionals' have chosen the ones who man the cut. Which might not be fair but is a bit more accurate. I don't follow the online version either though I did see a YouTube clip for one of them and I felt like the girl was begging for votes.

    Classy begging but begging all the same.

    Supernatural was on Fridays. I guess they have a loyal enough fanbase to keep moving it around but its still kirritating. Especially if you forget about it.

    The send off for Bobby wasn't bad but I had really liked the one where they showcased how he was really the only father they knew, it just really highlighted how much of a part of them he was.

    And yeah, apparently they have a few more seasons to go, I'm not sure how I feel about that but I hope we get to see how they leave purgatory this time and that we actually see Dean and Case interacting down their since its not like hell where it's all torture.

    And definitely outline the second novel or didn't you have a regency era short you were working on?

  9. I had the same reaction when she was calling out the girl for being scared of heights. That was hilarious.

    Supernatural is really planning on a few more seasons? I'm a little worried about that. I don't want it to get stupid and just drag things on and on and on (like I feel they're doing with The Office). But, I'm a loyal fan and will likely watch til the end. I too liked the bobby send off when they showcased him as a father. There was something a little anticlimactic about the burning of the flask. Almost like an "it's time" lets get this over with. I think the season premiere is this week. I'm looking forward to it.

    I did have a regency short that I was working on (Arabelle Wild). Lately though I've been thinking about the angel/demon story so I might start working on the outline again. I'm in a weird funk and really need to break out of it!

    How are you? Working on your writing at all or is school (or was it an internship?) taking over your life?

  10. I agree fully about Supernatural. I think that last season should've been the series finale if they hadn't ended it on such a cliff hanger because it's definitely in danger of dragging/getting repetitive.

    And I don't know if I can watch it to the end, I'm already doing a lot of compare/contrast between the past two seasons and earlier ones and much as I love Dean and Sammy I don't want to reach that point where I'm bored watching.

    And yup, season premiere is this Wednesday though I'll probably be watching it on a rerun depending on if my plans don't fall through.

    And I'm good, writing has been on the back burner thanks to work (it was an internship but I got hired on) but my goal is to finish my current story since I have only one chapter left and then figure out a writing/editing plan for 2013.

    When I was in school I got into the bad habit of using it as an excuse to not write when I wasn't feeling like writing and I've carried that over to my work life and it needs to stop, lol.

    I'll probably attempt Nanowrimo again this year (50k words in 30 days) if only because it'll force me into the habit of writing every day.