Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now What?

The sales/sample downloads for KILLING MEMORIES have definitely slowed down this past week. Publishing it is pretty easy (for the most part, despite the multiple edits and reposts), but now that it's slowed down (stopped really), I need to figure out how to market it. Where do I go to find more readers? E-publishing doesn't really come with a handbook, you know, and I'm feeling a little lost. I've thought about posting something new on FictionPress (but then I don't have anything new besides my new supernatural YA novel (THE SPIRIT KEEPER) and I'm not sure if I want to post that, although getting more feedback would be nice). FictionPress was a great place to develop a readership. I think it hurt me when I stopped actively using the website. I didn't necessarily stop because of the plagiarism issues, it was mostly that I was going to school or working, etc, and didn't have time to write new stuff and post it.

I've been thinking about editing MY DARLING BUNNY and posting that as a free ebook. Maybe even CHEMICAL GAMES. I haven't re-read either in a while, so I'm not sure how much work they need. Probably a lot considering everything I ever posted on FictionPress was a first draft.

I feel so consumed by editing. Don't get me wrong, I actually love it, but it gets hard at times. Especially when I want to write something new but my brain is like "NO, FINISH THIS FIRST!" Well, with three more KM books and HOSTILE KISSES I feel like I'm never going to be done editing! And "editing" isn't just about cleaning up typos... it's revising sentences, taking things out, adding things in, putting more detail.... it's basically re-writing in a lot of ways.

It took me like a week to re-write the first chapter of KILLING MONSTERS (that was actually really hard). I really hope the books take less time to edit as I go along. I think they will as the writing got stronger as I progressed in the KM series (in my opinion). I'm reading KM4 now and Estela still makes me laugh out loud. I forget some of the things I have her do. Like in this novel, she get's caught eavesdropping on Vanessa Winwright (Moo's modeling agency) and to cover, she runs across the room, sticks her arm into a salt water fish tank and tries to grab at the fish because they're "so pretty, I had to touch one."

HAHAHAHAHA... honestly, what was I thinking!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Working... slowly

The edit for KILLING MONSTERS is going very slow. Not on purpose either... I'm not trying to take my time. It's just that the first chapter had to be redone, which took forever, and I've been super distracted. I have faith that my editing speed will pick up, but it's difficult sometimes. I have moments when I think the writing is good and other times when I'm like "holy crap this is bad." I'm not going to give a date for uploading it. When I do that, I feel rushed. I felt a little rushed book I, only because I realized kinda late that it was going to need another edit (which turned into two edits and some helpful feedback from a couple readers). I want to make sure that the novel is as clean as possible before posting it. No more typos like in KILLING MEMORIES (typos that people called "grammar mistakes," which was an incorrect term 90% of the time). Anyway, my goal is to not have any mistakes in book II, which will likely not happen. I wish I had something to post in between the novels, but I don't have anything that's "finished." Well, except for THE SPIRIT KEEPER and even that may not be finished.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Needless to say, I'm horrified by the typos people have been finding. I'm going to fix them, but I wish they weren't there. Thanks advance to Sarah and Tina for helping me out!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

So... Funny Story

I just realized that I wrote a 4th Es and Moo book, which comes after KILLING MOMZILLAS. I might be missing a chapter of it, but I'm going to read it through and see. I can't believe I forgot about this book. I had it filed under KILLING MODELS, which is the title for KM4, but I thought that it was the title of book II. It's funny, the entire time I was reading KM2, I was like "Wow, this title really doesn't fit this story AT ALL!" Now I understand why! [sorry if that was confusing!]

Book II is called: KILLING MONSTERS.


Well, at least I have that straight now. Which means... that I need to update my Smashwords and Amazon files. I'll do that later...

Thanks to everyone who has purchase KM1! Sorry for the little typos and missing words that I've been alerted about. That was my biggest fear about posting it. I think I'll give myself more time for a beta reader for KM2. I don't want to set a deadline yet for publication of Book II. I'm going to start working on it in a day or so and will keep plugging away. The only good thing about it is that I don't need to switch the first half from present to past tense like I did with KM1. That should save A LOT of time.

Friday, June 1, 2012

First Reader Makes First Purchase

My sister (right) bought the first copy of KILLING MEMORIES. [I'm on the left.... sorry for looking so manly and busted!]

I'm not really sure what to do with myself now. Probably should start editing something else. I think it's safe to say that THE SPIRIT KEEPER trilogy is on hold for now. I'll definitely finish it, but it need 100% of my focus and it seems like the next logical step is to start editing KILLING MODELS. Anyway... I'm happy to have the book up and available (and by my set deadline).

You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon.