Friday, June 15, 2012

Working... slowly

The edit for KILLING MONSTERS is going very slow. Not on purpose either... I'm not trying to take my time. It's just that the first chapter had to be redone, which took forever, and I've been super distracted. I have faith that my editing speed will pick up, but it's difficult sometimes. I have moments when I think the writing is good and other times when I'm like "holy crap this is bad." I'm not going to give a date for uploading it. When I do that, I feel rushed. I felt a little rushed book I, only because I realized kinda late that it was going to need another edit (which turned into two edits and some helpful feedback from a couple readers). I want to make sure that the novel is as clean as possible before posting it. No more typos like in KILLING MEMORIES (typos that people called "grammar mistakes," which was an incorrect term 90% of the time). Anyway, my goal is to not have any mistakes in book II, which will likely not happen. I wish I had something to post in between the novels, but I don't have anything that's "finished." Well, except for THE SPIRIT KEEPER and even that may not be finished.


  1. Sammy... I got you comment through email, but for some reason I don't see it here on the blog. But yes, I'll definitely have someone else read it. And I will too... I find that when I put it on my Nook I catch mistakes much easier :)

  2. Don't stress. And don't let yourself be rushed. Be proud that you've published your first book and relish in it. There are a lot of little typos in KM1 (finally started reading it and will finish it as I recover from having my wisdom teeth removed) and I think KM2 could be void of all (or close to all) with a follow-up read by someone. Just take your time and enjoy the feel of writing and editing and knowing people will one day get to read it :)

  3. Yea, I'm definitely not going to be rushed this time around. I know about the little typos throughout KM1. I uploaded a new file on Friday with edits. I'm sure there are still little things (unfortunately). I think that generally books 2-4 were much stronger 1st drafts because I approached them differently than with KM1. That one I wrote the first half and then outlined the second half (plus a huge tense shift in the first 16 chapters). Yeah, the first one was a total mess. When I have time I probably will go back and edit it again. But for now, I'm pushing forward. I'm definitely enjoying the process... it's fun to revisit these characters.