Thursday, August 18, 2011

So much for blogging twice a week...

I'm not sure what to blame my lack of posting on. I like to think that it's because I have nothing new to say, but that's not a good thing to admit. I could blame it on the full time job, but then I spend a good chunk of time after work surfing the internet. I guess maybe it's a mixture of a lot of things. And sadly, the biggest one is that I just don't have anything to write about. I should think up some more craft notes. Sigh.

I've been reading a steady amount of good fiction lately. I'm currently reading the second book in the PARANORMALCY series by Kiersten White. I was really into the characters she introduced in the first book. I'm about halfway through SUPERNATURALLY and I'm still a fan, but at this point I like the first book better. I do love the cover art for these books, very pretty. I also finished STARCROSSED by Josephine Angelini (at Sammy's recommendation). Another pretty cover (but is that another model-y blond I see?!) and a really unique and fun story. I definitely kept turning the pages, which is always a good thing. And I have to admit that I like a good Greek mythology retelling. I don't know enough about Greek mythology though (even the PERCY JACKSON series by Rick Riordan makes me feel dumb). I should probably put Edith Hamilton back on my to-read list (and take a little trip back through time to sophomore year, or was it junior year... who knows).

I often wonder what might be the next "new" thing in the fiction world? The next new trend in writing? Here are the subcategories (applied to YA and general fiction) that I can think of:
  1. Certainly angels and demons have had their time (and better be a space on the shelf for my novel SURRENDER... I'm all about thinking positively).
  2. Vamps and werewolves are doing well.
  3. Witches and wizards, naturally, have a great showing.
  4. Popular/mean/rich/A-list/wannabe socialites have a space (the Gossip Girl-like books are definitely not my thing).
  5. Faeries have a good showing (my favorite authors here are Holly Black and Aprilynne Pike).
  6. Ghosts? (I haven't read any).
  7. Apocalyptical and futuristic!!! Can't forget these stories. You know: HUNGER GAMES and UGLIES and MATCHED.
Let's see... so what hasn't been done (or at least not done well or often)? Fairytale re-tellings? Aliens? I don't think we'll ever run out of things to write about, but the novelty may end one day. And then what? It's kinda like the TV show Bones or CSI. I bet those writers have to constantly think up new ways to disgust the audience. I will admit that there were a few episodes of both of these shows this past season that left me cringing, so they're obviously doing their job. I guess there's still some glimmer of hope.

And what would a post be without an update on my editing. I've taken to reading chapters out loud. Ever done this fellow writers out there? It's a great way to catch things that your eyes have become used to (especially after 4-5 read through-edits). I hope that in reading out loud I'm making the sentences stronger and reaching the final stages. I know for sure that this is going to be the last edit I do on this novel (at least until an agent or editor tells me otherwise). I'm growing sick of it, which may be a good sign that I'm nearing the end. Plus, I'm super excited to start on new things and to finish my novella so I can share that with you guys. And maybe even edit Es and Moo. I should turn those into Ebooks for my Nook and maybe I'll get more editing done that way. Here's hoping.

Oh Es and Moo... I have such big plans for you.

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