Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, I've edited 2 chapters of my novel. I've decided that editing a chapter a day is a good goal for me and will mean that I can finish hand-written edits by the end of this month. After that I'll put everything into the computer and will send it to a few of my readers for their comments and to agents. Wow... I'm pretty serious about it this time and that feels good. Maybe it's because I'm absolutely poor right now and would love to sell a novel and make some money (hopefully big money, but that's not guaranteed for a first book). Anyway... that's my progression so far.

So many people want Es/Moo posted back on Fictionpress. Believe me when I say I've heard you and I'm really close to actually doing it, but I'm still wavering a bit. Maybe once I get these edits done? I just wanted readers who visit my blog to know that I am considering it. I'm like 85% yes right now.

I hope everyone is doing well and writing/reading every day. I'm looking for some book recommendations, so if you feel like it, leave a comment and tell me what your favorite book is.



  1. You are an amazing writer and you don't have to worry about the IF's of getting published. Because you will, all you gotta worry about it actually getting the work done.

    I read somewhere, from another FP reader, about selling your story on Amazon Kindle. She's aiming to sell it around £2.50/$3.50. Which I know isn't alot. But it is one way to make some money, and get some publicity.
    Plus there's always the self-publishing way...

    I'm SO glad to read you're 85% of the way to posting the Killing series online again. Makes me happy. I only hope we can push you over. :)

    I went a bit crazy in the sales this year. Book wise, lol. I had to actually stop myself from logging onto Amazon.
    I'm not sure what your taste's are in reading really, but I recently read 'Salem Falls' by Jodi Picoult. I loved it. I'm normally a fantasy person, but I loved this. It's an adult book, which I'm normally not a fan of, because most of the time they tend to include in-depth knowledge about subjects I'd rather they just skip over, but this flowed REALLY well. No long words which I had to pick a dictionary up for, and the story was great. The ending really shocked me, and even though the plot is about a series subject Jodi Picoult still made me laugh. I found it really easy to understand the characters. I finished the book in two days, and actually ended up going to bed around 3am-ish. Amazing.
    I straight away bought House Rules. Haven't actually read it yet. But I do have high expectations.

  2. Thanks Sammy! I've considered self publishing on occasion, but I like to think of it as a final resort (not that it's bad, I just want to see if more traditional routes work for me). Still, the Kindle thing is definitely something to think about and look into. I could use the money since I'm unemployed right now.

    I love Jodi Picoult, she's one of my favorites. I've read "The Pact", "Keeping Faith", and "Second Glance". I started reading "House Rules" when I was working at Barnes and Noble and enjoyed the first 15 pages or so. I have several of her books in my collection (because I too spend tons of money on books). I may have "Salem Falls" I'll have to go through my boxes.

    My tastes in reading are really diverse. I love YA/Teen, but I also love adult. Last night I finished "Water for Elephants" and thought it was pretty entertaining. I love circus stories. I've got two books out from the library now, "Matched" and "Mini Shopoholic" which is by Sophie Kinsella (her Shopoholic series is pretty fun). I also want to read "The Hunger Games" series.

  3. And as soon as I pressed the Post Comment button, I remembered other books I love. Fantasy-ish.

    Chloe Neill - Chicago Vampire's series. I wasn't really expecting much from this series truthfully. I was getting sick of vampires, but Amazon had this kinda cheap, and the covers looked good and the blurb wasn't bad. After reading the first chapter I loved it. The MC had spunk, there was a plot which wasn't you're basic Twilight. It was funny. I love it so much, I've already pre-ordered the next book in the series.

    I've done vampires and now I'm moving onto Werewolves.

    Mercy Thompson series, by Patricia Briggs. Honest opinion, I'm glad I ordered the first three books in the series together. (Friends recommendation). Again it isn't just about the couple and such. There's plot, and each book is a different adventure, but it mentions the previous books so you know what's been happenning and such. The MS is a girl and even though she was raised with werewolves she's actually a coyote. She's pretty down on the power chain of creatures, but somehow always gets into the thick of it. I have all the books in this series and I'm actually waiting for the next one which shall be released sometime this year.

    Last recommendation. Trudi Canavan, Black Magician's Trilogy.
    THIS is the trilogy that got be reading. I LOVE this trilogy. Absolute favourite. I was so...awwed at the ending. I've read this series more than three times and I still love it. About a girl from the Slums who gets accepted to a a school only because she's a danger if she doesn't learn to control herself, people don't like it. They have to live with it. Finds a secret, gets....taken away, learns the truth and old history, and the finale, which was mind-blowing. Best book is the first and last.

    LAST one promise, Guardian's of Time trilogy by Marianne Curley. Read this in high school, and read it once a year whilst I was there. Still wish I had a copy at home, but this is a great story. Not sure how to explain it without giving anything away, but there's a prophecy, nine people trying to save the world from the bad guys. Which sounds really childish and boring but it really is great. Lol.

  4. Oooh, they all sound excellent. I'll have to see if I can get them at the library. Thanks Sammy :)

  5. Haha... looks like you solved the comment thing :). Computers are annoying sometimes, but I love them. My sister loved the Hunger Games and keeps pestering me to read them. Every time I turn the corner it seems like she's asking "have you started it yet?" :) So it's on my list for now. Guardians of Time sounds really interesting. I'm going to look into that one first. :)

  6. Ahhh! I'm so happy you're pretty sure you're going to repost KM!
    I would suggest anything by Julia Quinn if you're looking for a fun, light read! Her stuff is amazing.
    "The Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever" is my favorite and its sequel is amazing, too.

  7. Colleen!!! I have read every single Julia Quinn novel. I love, love, love her. How crazy. It's come to the point that I see her name and I buy the book without reading the back. I was only disappointed in one of them (she retold the previous novel from a different characters POV). I don't remember the title of it, but it was probably one of her last three books. I keep looking at the shelves to see if she has something new out... seems like it's about time for something new.

  8. Urgh, I know the one you're thinking of! My least favorite as well. It was a combo of the "The Duke of Wyndham" and "Mr. Cavendish, I presume?"
    Kind of dull and the characters were a bit flat. (Plus the real duke reminded me WAY too much of Blake from "To Catch an Heiress" and the fake duke was too much of a jerk in the first book to be a likable lead (not at all like Caleb ;)))
    She's just released(like last week) a short story along with two other authors. I think it's called "Lady Most Likely..."

  9. Yes, that's exactly the one I'm talking about. She was totally off her game. The book after that was back on though. I did see that new book with her short-story, but I'm so hesitant to buy those books with more than one author. Maybe I'll see if it's at the library. I'm sad that I ended up selling all of her books during one of my many cross country (well 400+ mile) moves. I could definitely re-read Julia Quinn. :)

  10. Have you read "Ten Things I Love About You"?
    It's not one of my favorites, despite loving the male lead as I much as I did in "What Happens in London."

  11. I did read that one... it's more recent, right? I remember it coming after the one I disliked, so I did like it, but it wasn't a favorite. It's been a while since I've read her so I couldn't really name any favorites. She's a great Victorian-era (I think) writer. My go-to when I want something Jane Austen-y.

  12. So I just randomly looked at your fictionpress profile again and noticed that you are thinking of reposting the "killing" series...please Please PLEASE do! I loved those books and miss Estella and Moo and Caleb!

  13. Hi Rebecca! Yes, I am thinking about it :) I'm completely consumed with the editing of my new novel (281 pages out of 413 edited), so I haven't really thought a lot about the KM series. I know that they need some work (especially the first one), and I want to revisit and rewrite them soon. Hopefully I can offer them in print one day as well!

  14. And I just read your blog post, probably should have read that first, haha. I would definitely buy them if you printed them :)

    And congrats on the progression of your novel, that is incredible!

  15. Have always been a HUGE fan; I have no doubt you'll find great success with your novel. Sending out good thoughts and best wishes :)


  16. Thanks for the comment Zakia! I need all the good thoughts I can get :)

  17. Haha, this is such a coincidence, just today while away from my laptop I was thinking about your Estella books and debating with myself whether or not to come here and ask about any possibilities of getting to read them again. I'm sure I've said before they're my favourite books of yours and Estella my favourite character.
    It feels like forever ago that I first had the pleasure of reading your books, and I always have my fingers crossed that you'll get them published, so best of luck to you, really, you're brilliant and certainly deserve it.

  18. Hi K! Thanks for the kind words :) I'm deep into editing at the moment, but I'll be done soon and at that point I'm going to really think about reposting Estella for the world! I'll likely take down "A Starter Boyfriend" before that happens. Keep coming back for more updates! I post more regularly here than on fictionpress.

  19. I really really hope that the 100% will come along soon, though I understand that you'd be really reluctant about it.
    I hope you finish your editing soon & get published. I absolutely adore Estella & The Killing series in general.
    Best Of Luck! =]

  20. Thanks AmazingBritt! I hope I get published soon too. I'm still contemplating the re-posting of Es and Moo. There are a few things that are making me hesitate:

    1) That because it's "published" on FictionPress (or here on my blog) that agents won't be interested because it's already been released to the world. [side note: I plan HUGE changes/revisions to KM1, so this may not be a huge issue].


    2) I own the copyright to my stories (as does anyone who creates something), at least I think I do, I need to look at FictionPress again to see what their guidelines are. I don't want to run into "self plagiarism" which I also need to learn more about.

    I feel this way about a "Starter Boyfriend" too, but I'll be leaving that up for the time being. So, that's where I stand at the moment. *sigh*

  21. As much as I'd love to see all of your stories put back up there, whatever decision you think is best for your career as an author is the decision you should stick with. =] I know that all of your many, many fans will support you.