Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SKOW Award Nominee


"The Jade Bracelet" is up for a SKOW (Some Kind of Wonderful) Award in the "Best Het" (incomplete) category. Thanks to whomever nominated me! You can vote for the story here. Voting ends August 5 and you're only allowed to vote one time. Thanks again. ;)

This is so cool!

Check out Erika M's Twitter page -- her layout is in honor of "My Darling Bunny." Too cool, this made my day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Site

You can now find my writing on (thanks to cosmopolitan411 and AlexislovesYou for the tip). The site seems pretty legit and it's run by HarperCollins publishers (so there's a good chance of maybe being spotted). I've just posted the six chapters that I have done for The Jade Bracelet and all of My Darling Bunny.

Also--and this might excite a few of you. I'm willing to re-post A Starter Boyfriend on this site. I'm going to send a post through for FictionPress people who have that story down in their favorites. I'm not willing to put it back up on FP due to the plagiarism issues of late. I'll have A Starter Boyfriend up in a few hours on (click here for my profile). If you do read any of my stories, please be sure to comment! The more popular the stories are the more likely they'll be seen. Help me get the word out!

Thanks :)T