Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is so cool!

Check out Erika M's Twitter page -- her layout is in honor of "My Darling Bunny." Too cool, this made my day.


  1. I like that girls style.

    She knows you are one day going to be BIG (famous) she's just getting there early, lol.

    *I wanna move all the tweets so I can check out the scribbling's on the layout, Dx*

  2. hey :)
    awww... thank-you.
    I didn't know if you got my email!
    I uploaded it to twitpic~ so you can have a better look.

    xxx erika

  3. Thank you. xD

    I don't THINK I got the e-mail. Or maybe I did? I normally just delete e-mails if I don't recognize the number.
    I get a lot of inappropriate e-mails, lol.

    Did you make the layout yourself?

  4. Sure did :)
    T'was an experiment. I found an ancient version of paintshop pro a few months ago, and have been messing around.
    Haven't really had the time to do too many. It was the first one I did for an online story ;D

    Haha sorry. The email I was talking about was the one I sent (from fiction press) to Tatiana about making the graphic XD. Sorry I wasn't very specific.
    xxx erika