Monday, April 6, 2009

Ohhhh man

I don't know if apologies are enough at this point. I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. I feel like a complete failure actually since I've accomplished absolutely nothing since creating, and last posting, this blog. Summer is approaching and I'd like to say that I have SOME hope of doing something fun, like edit A Starter Boyfriend or write some more Moo & Estela stories, but I don't know what summer will bring. More of the same? More anxiety and overwhelming feelings of inadequacy (school is hard). Or more fun? The Jade Bracelet keeps popping into my head, which may be a good thing. Maybe I can finish that out--maybe. So many maybes and not a lot of yeses. I need some help people.

My sister did send me a pretty interesting link today: More Authors Turn to Web...

Wouldn't it be cool to get A Starter Boyfriend to this level? Self publish it and try to sell it on Amazon? That might be a summer time goal for me. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sorry it's been so long. Please trust that I haven't forgotten--my mind has just be suffocating creatively for the past year (or more). Hope to post again soon with much happier news (or news of progress at least).


  1. Hey!
    I was just thinking of you and decided to check your blog to see if you had left any recent posts. No worries. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and trying to publish A Starter Boyfriend this summer. I also read the article. I had considered self publishing on lulu. Still, I wanted to try the traditional route first but that's going nowhere right now. I can't quite get my stories long enough. Good luck. I will try and keep in touch more often.

  2. Oh wow, you've lived in Nebraska? Which side of the state? I live in the Panhandle...

  3. Yup Yup! I lived in Omaha and Lincoln for a few years in each place (probably more in Omaha). :)