Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plagiarism on Fiction Press

Some of you may have noticed that I posted a new chapter to my story The Jade Bracelet (chp 4) on Fictionpress a few days ago. Since doing so, several people have alerted me to the plagiarism that's going on at that site and I have to admit--it both scares and upsets me! I'm really glad that I took my stories down when I did, and I have yet to discover if they were stolen by anyone. How disheartening. I swear, one person can really ruin it for everyone else.... (Image taken from: http://tutorials.sjlibrary.org/tutorial/plagiarism/source/images/stop.jpg) <--see, I give credit! I'm not sure what to do about my stories. Do I remove myself completely from that site and set up something through blogger? Do I throw caution to the wind (sorry for the cliche) and just keep posting? It's safe to say that I will not be re-posting my Moo/Es stories or A Starter Boyfriend on that site until we're all assured that our work is safe. (If you're concerned about your own writing, please click here).

On to updates:
  • Aside from writing another chapter for The Jade Bracelet, I haven't written much this summer. I need to set up a writing schedule for myself--force myself to write for 2 hours each day (I should do the same thing with exercising). I really need to get back into it... I don't know why I feel so lackluster about the whole thing. Writing is my PASSION! I need a writing doctor.
  • I submitted a short story (one written for school) to eight different journals. If it's published, it may help me get a novel published down the line. May... may not.
  • I'm still dawdling about getting a Starter Boyfriend out there for agents. I can't wait anymore though--not with plagiarism on FP. And honestly... what am I waiting for. These things just don't land in your lap you know?!
I've had a few people send me messages in the past about reading their work and I have yet to do that for anyone (school really has kept me CRAZY busy). I apologize. Because it's summer and I have a little free time, I wouldn't mind reading something if you want some input (maybe 15-pages (double spaced) maximum)? Email me.

Thanks for reading my blog! Happy Summers to all. :)