Thursday, September 26, 2013


I haven't done a whole lot of writing lately. I have been reading, but no writing. I've even toyed around with the idea of editing KILLING MONSTERS as I know it probably needs one more good read-through. The weekend is coming and I hope to at least resume AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. My goal is to finish this rough draft by November when National Novel Writing Month begins. A few weeks ago, I brushed up the outline a little in hope that I could hit a patch of the story that excited me. I did find it, but I haven't written it. So... yeah. I need to figure out how to utilize my spare time a little better.

In other news, I just purchased the new Jim Henson biography. I'm pretty excited about that.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

125 Pages In... I Can't Quit Now

So, writing has been going slow on AROUND THE WORLD TONIGHT. I guess I'm about a third through (or maybe a little less than that given how long my books usually are), and I'm just at this point where I'm struggling a little and wonder if it's working. It's hard to write about reality dating shows when you don't watch them. Maybe that's my first downfall? Still, I'm excited about the project and hope that I can work through this strange hump. I may need to revisit my outline a little. Hopefully I won't need to throw out what I've done at this point. I'm not throwing in the towel yet, I'm just a little discouraged that I haven't hit a solid groove with it. I'll just keep pressing on... My goal is to have this done by the time Nano starts. It would be awesome to write two novel drafts this year. It's ambitious, but if I could just get on a roll.......